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Mulan Will Be Released On Disney+ In September

Mulan Will Be Released On Disney+ In September

Team Missy

We only chatted about the delay in the release of Mulan due to the COVID-19 pandemic the other day, but it looks like Disney has made a decision, a very surprising one at that!
Disney have announced that Mulan will skip cinemas completely and go straight onto Disney+ on 4th September, but there’s a catch…Mulan will cost you an extra €29.99 on top of your existing Disney+ subscription.

Once you make the payment Mulan will be yours to own, it’s not just a rental from Disney+ similar to the service that Apple TV provides.
Although €29.99 seems quite a bit on top of your monthly or yearly Disney+ subscription, if you think about it a cinema trip for two people would probably set you back at least €29.99
Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek said that it was treating this Mulan release as a one-off event, meaning the company isn’t planning to offer other upcoming films as a Disney+ purchase. But, he also said Disney would be paying close attention to how Mulan performs. If it ends up earning a ton of money and convinces people to subscribe to Disney+, you can bet the company will consider similar premium offerings for other films.
Considering we still have quite a while to go before the pandemic is over, it’s an interesting experiment from Disney.

Will you be paying extra to watch Mulan?

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