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How To Decorate Your College Room

How To Decorate Your College Room

Caoimhe Mahon

Moving into a college room is always so exciting. This will be my fourth year doing it and the excitement only increases if anything.

When we move in we want to make the room homely, cute and unique to us. There are a few go-to things then that you should bring with you if you want that Insta worthy college room. Here are a few simple ideas to make your college room home…


There are so many sites and apps offering cheap and cheerful deals for photos from collages, to quirky polaroids and classic pics.

Having photos will instantly make your room more homely and personal to you as you will always be reminded of family, friends and even pets. Desenio have a lot of options.

Of course, having a few frames will always brighten the room up especially if they are dotted around your study desk. In most rentals you will not be able to hang pictures on the wall, but you can still add pictures to a space by leaning the frame against walls and shelves.

If you have a notice board then this is a really cool place to stick them but if not don’t worry creating a collage on doors and even walls will give a funky vibe to your room. BUT be careful about sticking things on the wall. Blue tack can leave marks, so why not try using some washi tape?

Fairy Lights

Every room needs fairy lights like it is non negotiable honestly they are a must have believe me.

I always love them around the notice board to help with the studying, around the mirror to glam the room up and over the head board because why not.

They instantly make the room snug and cosy providing the perfect spot to relax and have some down time.

If you want you can create your own dance den with coloured lights or bold LED statement signs to really give your room the edge.


Your bed makes all the difference when making you room your new home for the year.

Remember to get mattress covers and pillow case covers to keep the bed clean and fresh.

There are so many cheap yet really good options available in shops like Penneys, so you can get yourself a couple of different sets to change up the room from vibrant block colours, to calming muted tones or funky prints.

Add a throw or cushions to the bed too to really set the bed off. Not only is it super cute, but it is also really comfy and we all know comfort is key.

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We all love a scented candle but in some student accommodation they may not be allowed plus just to give you a piece of mind with safety there are plenty of other options don’t worry.

Scent bags are great and you can even put them on the radiator for an extra boost. If you want you can put them in drawers or wardrobes and leave storage smelling fresh rather than fusty.

Diffusers are another great choice, they come in all shapes, colours and scents so they act as an ornament too so you get two in one.

I love adding scents to my room especially for the seasons like pumpkin in Autumn, Cinnamon at Christmas, Lemon in Spring and Lavender for Summer exams.

No matter what shape or size of room you get you can always make it stunning by adding those lush essentials which will turn your room into a college home away from home.

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