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The Best Foods To Help Your Skin

The Best Foods To Help Your Skin

Róisín Lynch

Acne, we’ve all been there!

Going to bed with shiny, smooth skin only to wake up the next morning with a spot the size of mount Everest right on the centre of your forehead. But don’t worry, there are many things you can do to help your skin and be feeling like your best self in no time.

Now the most important thing to know when treating acne is knowing what causes the acne in the first place. In short hormones and inflammation are usually the ones to blame and the old saying food is the best medicine couldn’t be more true when it comes to helping acne.

Here is a list of the best foods to implement in to your daily diet when trying to clear up an acne breakout!

Best Foods To Help Your Skin


Kale may just be the answer to your skin worries as it is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins K, A, and C.  These work together to brighten your skin and detoxify your pores. Now before you turn your nose up at it there are lots of tasty ways to incorporate Kale in to your day. Try making a tasty green juice or smoothie with it and you’ll have bright shiny skin in no time!


If you have suffered from acne for a while or are just prone to breakouts try adding some lemon in to your day. Lemon is great for acne sufferers thanks to its acidic level. Because lemons have such a high pH they are great for alleviating inflammation and excess oil, both which are known contributors to acne. A simple and easy way to add lemon in to your day is by drinking some warm lemon water first thing in the morning. This is not only great for your skin but it is good for your digestive system and is nice and tasty too! So a win-win!

Sweet potatoes

Why not try swapping your regular chips for home-made sweet potato wedges? They are just as tasty (if not nicer!) and they will help your skin. When you eat sweet potatoes your body converts the beta-carotene in them into vitamin A. Vitamin A acts as a skin barrier for dirt and unwanted produce. Because of this sweet potatoes help prevent discolouration, inflammation and clogged pores.


Another great inflammation fighter is Papaya. This is thanks to the enzymes papain and chymopapain that decrease inflammation. You can eat papaya on its own but it is also a staple ingredient in a lot of facial exfoliators as the enzymes are great for removing dead skin cells. Papain will also help smooth out your skin by removing damaged keratin that are responsible for the small bumps that form on your skin with acne.

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When it comes to the best foods to help your skin fish is great as it is loaded with omega 3. A lot of times, especially if you are a teenager your acne is as a result of hormone levels that are a little bit all over the place. Fish is great for regulating hormones such as testosterone, the hormone that is responsible for triggering the over-production of sebum. As well, its essential fatty acid EPA is converted to an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial substances which smooths out the effects of the anti-inflammatory response. If you aren’t the biggest fish fan try starting with Salmon or Cod as they are not too strong to taste and can be cooked and seasoned in a number of different ways.

Peppermint Tea

Another great anti-inflammatory, peppermint can help with the red pigmentation that comes with acne while also acting as an anti-septic that prevents bacteria that clog up pores. Peppermint tea is a nice addition to your morning or night-time routine! Rewind with a nice warm cuppa and enjoy all the benefits peppermint has to offer for your skin.

While a good diet of fresh food, vegetables and fish is always a plus, sometimes skin issues can be more serious and really impact your confidence. If you feel like you are getting no where by trying to improve your skin with diet or over the counter products it may be time to speak to your GP.

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