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The Importance of Following The Right People on Social Media

The Importance of Following The Right People on Social Media

Anna Powell

Most of us spend way too much time on our phones, and in turn scrolling endlessly on social media. Social media can be a great source of entertainment and knowledge, but there’s also a negative side to social media that most of us have experienced. It is so important to make sure you are following the right kind of people on social media for your mental health.

Below are some of my suggestions on how to choose who to follow and who not to follow on social media…

Does this influencer inspire you?

My suggestion would be to ask yourself if this influencer and their content is a source of inspiration for you. In my opinion, your social media should be an inspirational place that results in you feeling inspired about things that interest you. It should be a source of motivation for you and your goals. Take the time to find pages that align with your goals and values.

Is their content entertaining?

A lot of people scroll through social media in order to recharge their batteries throughout the day. In this case, it’s a good idea to follow people who produce content that you really enjoy. There are so many pages online that focus on comedic and light-hearted content that are sure to brighten up your day. And when in doubt, cute animals are always a must to make you feel better. It might be an idea to give a few of these pages a follow.

How do you feel after viewing their content?

It’s essential to tune into how the media you consume impacts your mood. If you find yourself negatively comparing yourself to influencers you see online or being triggered by the content they post, then it is probably best to unfollow them, even for a while. Your online space shouldn’t result in you feel negatively about your life.

Are your hobbies and interests reflected in those you follow?

Social media is an amazing tool to learn about different topics. It is very beneficial to follow people who can help you learn about different things that interest you. It can also help you discover new interests and hobbies that you might not have stumbled across before.

Take advantage of your social media time to learn about activities you could do in your free-time. For example, if you are a book lover like me, follow accounts that give great book recommendations in your favourite genres.

My Advice If Social Media Is Getting You Down

Remember the Unfollow Button Exists

Nobody is forcing you to follow anyone on social media. Although this seems like common sense, it is so easy to forget that you can unfollow people that you don’t enjoy online. If you feel pressure to follow someone online due to them being in your social circle, the mute button is a really great option too. This way you can take a break from the content they are posting without offending someone by unfollowing their account.

Be Cutthroat About Who You Follow Online

I believe it is so important to be very picky about who you follow on social media platforms. Whoever you follow online is going to make a regular appearance on your feed. This means that you could be continuously interacting with someone you don’t like on your daily scroll. In everyday life you wouldn’t voluntarily hang out with someone you don’t enjoy being around. So, why would you do it online by following the wrong type of people for you?

Every Now And Again Have A Clear Out Session

It is so easy to discover and follow new people online. However, over an extended period of time our social media feed can become cluttered with too many different accounts. This is why it is no harm to have a quick clear out session every now and again. Unfollow accounts you don’t view very often or any accounts that bring you down. This process should help you easily realise which accounts are of importance to you.

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Do you think it’s important to be following the right people on social media?

By Anna Powell

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