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The Young Offenders Are Back For Season 3 Tonight On RTÉ

The Young Offenders Are Back For Season 3 Tonight On RTÉ

Neasa Murphy

Can you believe it’s been four whole years since Alex Murphy and Chris Walley first made us cry laughing as Conor and Jock in The Young Offenders movie? Luckily for us, they’ve continued to churn out the laughter ever since in the TV series, which is returning tonight on RTE One at 9:35pm.

Here’s what we’re expecting from Season 3 of The Young Offenders

There’s an adorable new character joining the chaos

As the trailer revealed, Jock and Siobhan’s baby, Star, is the newest addition to the gang, and she’ll be right in the middle of all the Conor and Jock chaos. It looks like Star is set to join the lads on a dodgy mission involving their neighbourhood criminal (and buddy) Billy Murphy. Hopefully she’ll encourage Jock to grow up a little, but we’re sceptical.

Conor and Jock’s friendship will be tested

Hillary Rose (who plays Mairead) revealed that baby Star might cause some tension between Conor and Jock. We’re sure they’ll work it out and continue to cause trouble though, they always do.

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It looks like the gang is off to the debs

Our young offenders are growing up this Season, and they’re marking the occasion with a typical Irish debs, as seen in the previews BBC shared on YouTube.  We’re looking forward to some bold outfits and wild behaviour in this episode, because if we know Conor and Jock, we know their debs won’t be understated.

It all kicks off on RTE tonight at 9:35pm

We’ve had the Tiger King phase, and the Normal People phase of 2020, now we’re officially entering The Young Offenders phase, and we are more than ready for some giggles on RTE tonight. See you there!

Are you excited for The Young Offenders season 3?

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