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Tips For That All Important First Date

Tips For That All Important First Date

Caoimhe Mahon

First dates can be scary, they can be exciting and nerve wrecking and everything in between. Whether it is a friendship turned into romance, a mutual friend set up or a blind date there are a few tips, which can help us stay safe and relaxed so we can enjoy it.

We all know the feeling of standing in front of the mirror moments before we need to leave for our date when a hundred questions fill our minds. What if there is an awkward silence? Is my outfit okay? What if it goes badly?

So, how can we quell the nerves and turn the ‘dreaded’ first date into a fun filled first date? Here are some of our first date tips…

Plan Something To Do

This may sound obvious, but planning what your date will entail can help in many ways.

First of all it removes the questions around outfits. Knowing what your date will entail will remove the stress of dressing too casual or too formal. Secondly, the last thing we want to happen is to meet on the date and exchange blank stars because neither one wants to pick something to do.

Suggesting a coffee, to grab food or even do an activity sets the date up on the right foot allowing the conversation to start and removing the awkwardness after the initial pleasantries.

We have some date ideas on a budget for you here.

Have A few Conversation Starters In The Bank

It happens, believe me; conservation dries up and the silence creeps in and well, when it is a first date this can seem a little awkward. There is no need to panic though, just simply arm yourself with some topics that will fill those ghastly gaps.

If you have mutual friends you can start here, generate a conversation around your social circle. If not, never fear, this is a great time to get to know if you have things in common so ask about their hobbies and how they spend their spare time. This will usually allow the conversation to flesh out and spill into different topics.

Just remember to avoid one word answers like, ‘yes’ and ‘no’ instead direct the conversation in a way that works in your favour and allows it to progress. It is always good to keep things fun so adding in a few jokes or casual ‘would you rather’ can really help in breaking the ice.

Stay Safe

First dates should be fun and exciting, but we cannot forget to take the necessary precautions to ensure we are safe too especially if this is our first time meeting someone.

When meeting on a first date stick to a public setting like a coffee shop or restaurant, tell friends or a family member where you are going and with who, share your location on your phone, send them quick updates to let them know you are okay, stay local and avoid getting into any cars when you do not yet know the person.

Things To Avoid

Whilst we are concerning ourselves with all the things we should be doing we sometimes forget some dating faux pas we should avoid.

Remember how you treat others, not just your date, reflects on your character so make sure to be polite to waiting staff and passers etc.

Avoid turning up late to the date, of course we can all get stuck in traffic or public transport, but avoid just being late for the sake of it.

Remember conversation is a two way street so let the other person talk too but avoid sensitive or over personal topics on the first date. Whilst you can politely let friends or family know all is okay avoid scrolling aimlessly through your phone when in their company.

Be Yourself

For me, being yourself is the most important thing you can remember when going on a first date.

Yes, you want to make a good first impression and of course if you like the person you want them to like you back. However, you want them to like you for you and not something you paint yourself as.

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Remember you are enough, more than enough and you deserve to be loved for you.

Try Not To Overthink

Easier said than done I know, but do try not to overthink.

Remember sometimes we pick things up wrong or misunderstand those closest to us so allow room for this to potentially happen too.

Try not to overthink things like your outfit or what food you ordered and just allow the date to flow.

First dates can be awkward, but that’s kinda the joy and the fun of them too. Getting to know someone knew can be exciting.

And if it doesn’t work out, just think of it as an experience worth having until you find the person who is more than worth your time.

Have you any first date tips?

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