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Dear Katie: Have you any ideas for dates on a budget?

Dear Katie: Have you any ideas for dates on a budget?

Katie Harrington

Dear Katie,
I’m looking for any ideas or advice you have for budget dates. Myself and my boyfriend are sick of just sitting in all the time and would like some cheap, simple date ideas.
Of course! It can be hard to find nice things to do with your S/O on a student budget but luckily, I have plenty of super simple date ideas for you and your beau to enjoy on a small budget, with lots of Insta worthy opportunities.
Below, I have made a list of some ideas for dates on a budget, so they defo won’t break the bank:

  1. Take a trip to the beach
  2. Take a trip to Ikea
  3. Day out to a shopping centre
  4. Go on a hike or a long walk
  5. Go bowling
  6. Bake some sweet treats such as cookies or brownies that you can enjoy together
  7. Go to an arcade
  8. Mini golf
  9. Jump zone
  10. Go to the cinema
  11. Make a list of the best hot chocolate places, try them all and compare (this is such a simple date but it allows you to spend lots of time together and you always have a new place to go for date night)
  12. Make a list of some food places (same as above)
  13. Have a movie marathon of your favourite movie franchise
  14. Go to a waterpark
  15. Play your favourite board games together (but beware, they can get very competitive)
  16. Take a gym/exercise class together
  17. Go on a double date with some friends
  18. Picnic in the park
  19. Go to a circus/ carnival/ fun fair
  20. Go on sightseeing day trips. There are lots of beautiful places to see around Ireland, and lots of gorgeous historical buildings, such as the GPO or Kilkenny Castle.

The majority of these date ideas are either free or at a very low cost. We’re also very lucky to live in a time with such great public transport, you can take a train or bus so there’s no excuse for not trying to get out of the house and make some lovely memories with your S/O.
Katie x

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