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Top 5 Tips To Study Better

Top 5 Tips To Study Better

Team Missy

Top 5 Tips To Study Better

Studying is one of those things that you know should be doing because it really does benefit you, but on the other hand, effort. Sound like the daily struggle in your head? Well we have some tips to make your studying more efficient. It’s a new school year so start it off the right way and reap the rewards later.

Top 5 Tips To Study Better

  1. Do it in blocks. Theres no point sitting down and studying for 8 hours straight. An idea might be to study for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break and start a new subject or topic for another 50 minutes and then take another break. By breaking it up you will retain more information and the idea of studying in 50 minutes feels a lot lees daunting.
  2. Mix up the subject you love and the one you can’t wait to see the back of so you don’t get bored or stressed out.
  3. Find the best way for you to condense information into bite sized nuggets. Is it mind mapping, flash cards, summarising notes? Find what works best for you and once you write it down go over it. The next day, the next week, the next month to really make sure they stick.
  4. Pick a time and place to study and stick to it. Continuity and habit are your best friends.
  5. Yes, it may already feel like you have a ton of books, but revision books can be a massive help when studying. Less Stress More Success do a number of books for both Higher and Ordinary Levels in Junior Cert and Leaving Cert subjects. They condense each subject into points and topics. Another study book option is Shortcuts to Success which are written by teachers. There are books available on subjects or particular topics such as Essay Writing, Novels, Plays and the Oral Exam. Sounds good to us!

Be honest about what you’re actually doing. Yes, you may be sitting at your desk, but if you’re spending most of that time scrolling though social media sorry to tell you, but that does not count as studying. Be strict on yourself and you will appreciate it some day, we promise.

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