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10 Beauty Hacks You Need To Know About

10 Beauty Hacks You Need To Know About

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We love a good hack, anything to make life that a little bit easier. From how to get the perfect ponytail to the many uses for coconut oil here are some hacks you may or may not be in the know about…

1. If you’re a lover of extending your hair with the miracle that is dry shampoo try this: spray in your dry shampoo of choice the night before when you’re going to bed. When you wake up the dry shampoo will be after absorbing properly into the hair so you’re less likely to be left with any unsightly white. Or if you’re caught out just spray it in and give your roots a blast with the hair dryer.

2. Wanting to achieve the perfect high ponytail? Once you’ve tied it up part the ponytail and loop the tie once more over the bottom of the ponytail to add a lift and lots of volume. Lydia Millen has a video showing exactly how to do it.

3. If you love to straighten your hair don’t go near the roots to keep some natural volume in your hair. Only start straightening from about and inch away from your roots. And when you get down to the bottom flick your hair in towards you so it looks more natural and so it’s not just hanging straight around you.

4. Coconut oil is the answer to everything in life, apparently. It works wonders as an eye makeup remover as the oil breaks down makeup. It also works wonders as a hair mask. Work it into your hair and then throw it up into a bun and let it absorb before washing it out.

5. Oh bobby pins, why can we never find them? To make them grip the hair better spray them with a bit of hairspray first. And did you know you should always flip them upside down so the ridges go against your head to keep them in place? We did not know this!!

6. Cleaning brushes is such an effort, but necessary to get all the dirt and grime out of them. Get yourself down t0 Penneys and buy a Cleaning Pad. Not only are these deadly for cleansing your face, but they are brilliant for washing your makeup brushes. They clean brushes super quickly and it really works all the old disgusting makeup out. And the best thing is they only cost €1!

7.  A trick for applying under-eye concealer is to do in a triangle shape – down your nose, up to the outer corner of your eye and then under. Fill this in and blend, blend, blend. This hack not only covers and discolouration it brightens and highlights it to give you a super airbrushed look with your foundation.

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8. Did you know coffee and coconut oil mixed together makes a great DIY exfoliator? Just throw them together in a bowl and rub in into the skin. It’s anti-inflammatory, reduces redness and helps with puffiness. It also helps rejuvenate your skin. Plus, it can help with stretch marks and cellulite. And we bet you have both of them in the kitchen cupboard.

9. The secret to perfect curls is to hold the curler vertically and not horizontally. This gives a bigger curl with more volume. Also catch the curl once you release it and hold it for a few seconds to help hold in the curl better.

10. And lastly M.A.C Prep + Prime’ Fix+ spray is the answer to everything. It’s great as a primer and for setting makeup. Also use it to slightly wet your beauty blender. Use it to bring out the colour more in eyeshadows that mightn’t have a strong pigment. Or use it on cream shadows that may have dried up to revive it.

Which hack is your favourite? We’d love it if you would share your beauty hacks with us below!

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