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Trending: Sweater Vests

Trending: Sweater Vests

Team Missy

A bit like the bucket hat, seeing a sweater vest for the first time can make you think “oh, I’m not sure if I *actually* like that”. And then suddenly is grows on you.

When we first saw knitted sweater vests popping up in shops it kinda reminded us of something our Grandad would wear – minus the pretty pastel colours and daisies. But then we started to see a lot of influencers styling them and suddenly we were in love.

Here’s how to style and wear autumn/winter 2020 biggest fashion trend, the knitted sweater vest.

Layer Up

The key to wearing a sweater vest in winter is to layer it up. You can’t go wrong with a basic white shirt underneath. Leave your shirt untucked to look like you just threw your outfit together, but still look endlessly cool.

You Can Still Wear It Come Spring

We’re all for getting as many wears and seasons out of your clothes as possible. So, don’t fret, you can still wear your sweater vest on it’s own in the spring/summer. This one from Stradivarius looks so cute no matter the weather.

Here’s a few of our favourite sweater vests…

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