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Virtual Date Ideas

Virtual Date Ideas

Ella Morley

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or unable to see each other because of lockdown restrictions, chances are you miss each other a lot.

Here are some virtual date ideas that will make your time apart a lot more bearable.

Attend a virtual class together

Whether you are into cooking or painting, fitness or cheese tasting, there is a class available for you.

Book a slot for the two of you and away you go. This way you will have something to look forward to. Have fun trying out something new. It will be all the more enjoyable completing the activity with the person you love. If it turns out to be a total disaster you will have someone to laugh along with. Who knows you might even make some new friends?

Watch a movie

If you would rather it be just the two of you, then why not watch a movie or television show together. Order in some food and gather some snacks for the perfect night in. Put on your pyjamas, grab a blanket and get cosy. Apps such as Teleparty are made for nights like these.

Choose a movie or episode you want to watch from streaming services such as Netflix. Teleparty allows you to synchronise your pick. This way you are sure to be watching the same thing at the exact same time. This enables you to chat through the night and share your reactions with your partner to whatever you have chosen to watch.

Go on a walk together

Struggling to find the motivation to keep fit. You are not alone. We have all been there. Why not strap on your shoes, call your significant other and set off on a walk. You will have completed your exercise for the day in no time. With your partner literally in your ear, time will fly. Most importantly remember to have fun!

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Play a game

There are millions of online games available at the touch of a button, so why not take advantage of this? You could take a chance at card games such as Uno or Go Fish, improve your chess skills or solve a murder mystery. If you do not fancy a digital game why not come up with your own? Truth or dare is always fun and this way you can get to know your partner better. Throw a couple of quiz questions their way to see how they react.  Anything goes as long as you are both enjoying yourselves.

Dress up

Whether you plan on making cocktails together or just having a conversation why not get dressed up? That sparkly top you love that only gets worn on a night out, put it on. That chic skirt that is only worn on special occasions, wear it. We may not be going to any big events in the near future so take this virtual date as an excuse to go all out. Persuade your partner to do the same. You will both look dapper in your outfits. Do not forget to do a few poses for the camera!!!

Will you be trying one of our virtual date ideas?

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