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Why Young Royals Should Be Your Next Netflix Binge-Watch

Why Young Royals Should Be Your Next Netflix Binge-Watch

Sarah Kirwan

Young Royals, released in July this year, is a Netflix Nordic series about a young prince attending an elite boarding school. As Season 2 was recently confirmed, here’s why Young Royals should be your next binge-watch!

LGBT Representation

Unlike many shows aimed at teens, Young Royals accurately portrays someone coming to terms with their sexuality, while also preaching the message that it’s okay not to have everything figured out, or to feel the need to decide on a label.

Young Royals also portrays LGBT relationships the same as straight relationships. This is a refreshing change, as very often, when trying to be accepting, some shows can portray queer relationships as ‘special’ or ‘different’ to heterosexual couples.


As well as the cast having diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and body types, Young Royals also subverts stereotypes like the ‘popular’ girl being blonde, white and skinny or a gay character being just another stereotype.

The team behind Young Royals also made the decision to not hide the skin texture or acne of the actors. Not only does this make it more realistic, it also shows that most teens don’t have the perfect airbrushed skin we are so used to seeing in the media.


Young Royals features beautiful songs such as ‘Revolution’ by Elias, as well as covers of  ‘It Takes A Fool to Remain Sane’ and ‘Remember’, both covered by Omar Rudberg, who plays Simon, one of the show’s main characters.


Young Royals is a refreshingly unique show. It combines beautiful cinematography with an interesting storyline to create an original T.V series. It offers a new perspective on the ‘royal family’ genre by focusing on Wilhelm, a young queer prince, struggling to express himself because of the pressure placed on him due to his role as prince.

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There’s also lots of twists and turns with the plot to keep you hooked. Young Royals if officially on our list of best foreign language shows.

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