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Will There Be A Season 3 of ‘Never Have I Ever’?

Will There Be A Season 3 of ‘Never Have I Ever’?

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Spoilers for Never Have I Ever season 2 ahead.

After all that waiting for season 2 of Never Have I Ever (15 months!) we finally have it.

If you’re anything like us you’ve already watched all of the new season.

And now we are left wondering when we are going to get season 3 on Never Have I Ever to find out what happens next. Here’s everything we know so far…

Will there be a season 3 of Never Have I Ever?

As the second season reaches Netflix’s Top 10, the streaming service has yet to renew the quirky teenage dramedy for a third chapter. Still, that’s no reason to fret. The show originally debuted in April 2020 and wasn’t renewed until July 2020, so it’s likely that we’ll have to wait a few months before any official renewal confirmation from Netflix.

When will season 3 be released?

If Never Have I Ever continues the release schedule it’s followed for the past year, we would likely see season 3 debut in mid-to-late 2022.

What will happen next?

After many ups and downs during season 2, Devi and Paxton are officially an item. After their grand entrance at the Winter Dance—and, uh, Paxton hitting Devi with his Jeep—Devi can check being a girlfriend off her “never have I ever” list.

But after seeing how cut up Ben was at the dance, season 3 would undoubtedly explore Ben’s uneasy feelings for both Devi and Aneesa, as well as how Devi navigates a public relationship with a boy who was once embarrassed to be seen with her.

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Then, of course, there’s all the other characters and their brewing drama: Just what is going on with Kamala and Devi’s teacher? Will Devi’s mother continue to date dermatologist Chris Jackson? And will Devi ever change her erratic ways?Please Netflix, give us season 3 of Never Have I Ever soon!!

Check back for all you need to know about season 3 of Never Have I Ever. This post will be updated with the latest news once is breaks.

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