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10 Must Reads For All Hopeless Romantics

10 Must Reads For All Hopeless Romantics

Róisín Lynch

Whether you are a book nerd or made the goal to read more as one of your new year’s resolutions, here are 10 must read romantic novels if you are a die hard hopeless romantic!

From the same author of the tear jerker that was Me Before You, JoJo Moyes has a new romantic read for us. Set during the great depression in America, the novel tells the story of Alice Wright who moves from England to Kentucky after she marries dreamy American Bennet Van Cleve. However life in Kentucky doesn’t prove to be all that great and Alice signs up to deliver books for Eleanor Roosevelt’s new traveling library. A wholesome read about loyalty, justice, humanity and passion.

A story about finding love when you least expect it. Successful lawyer Katie is  dumped suddenly by her finance Paul. Completely devastated she agrees to meet Cassidy, a woman she knows through work for a drink. They form a close friendship but the closeness of their friendship and how much Katie enjoys Cassidy’s company leaves Katie questioning everything it is she has known about love and relationships up to this point.

Madeline Whittier is 18 years old and has SCID (severe combined immunodeficiency)  because of this she has lived her life inside her safely sanitized house and away from the outside world that is only garenteed to kill her. A new family moves in next door, she befriends their son Olly. As Madeline and Olly’s relationship escalates and they take a trip, Madeline comes to a shocking revelation and has to question everything she has known her life to be.

A romantic – comedy novel that will definitely get you laughing out loud from time to time! Samiah Brooks and her two girlfriends, London and Taylor go viral online after a cat fishing incident. A pact to spend the next six months investing in themselves and only themselves ensues. However, Samiah ends up meeting and falling for Daniel Collins but their “relationship” doesn’t come without its difficulties.

A romantic mystery novel. Teenage boy Quentin’s crush Margo disappears one night but she leaves behind clues for him to find her. Him as well as a group of friends set out on a mission to follow these clues and find Margo.

If there’s any author who knows how to write romance it’s Nicholas Sparks. When Collin and Maria meet by chance it is the collision of two completely different lives. Collin grew up in a destructive home which has resulted in his anger issues. Maria on the other hand grew up in a loving, nurturing home. When they meet Maria begins receiving messages from an anonymous stalker, she thinks she knows who is sending these messages which makes her fear for her and Colin’s well-being.

Whether you have seen the hit series already or not we are sure you will love the novel either way! The novel tells the story of Connell and Marian  and their complex relationship. The pair are completely different with Connell being the typical popular, intelligent all-rounder and Marian being more of aloof and a misfit. They come and go within each-others lives for years, developing a very strong and unique bond. A bond that brings together their past traumas and insecurities.

Stella is 17 year old girl who has spent most of her life in hospital with cystic fibrosis. She is used to her life being about a set of routines until she meets Will, who also has Cystic Fibrosis. They have an instant connection and Stella’s once mundane life becomes filled with a lot more adventure.

A dual narrative set between London and The Rivera both in 2003 as well as the 1960s. Journalist Ellie is looking through newspaper archives for a story when she discovers a letter from 1960 written by a man who is asking his lover to leave her husband- Ellie gets wrapped up in this past love affair. The novel travels back to 1960s to tell the story of what happened between these lovers.

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Natasha is a girl who believes in all things science and facts. Her family is about to be deported to Jamaica and on her way to try to stop this she meets Daniel on a crowded New York City street. Daniel the all-rounder, an A+ student living up to his parents extremely high expectations. When he sees Natasha for the first time he starts to question whether there is something out there bigger than them. Maybe a thing called Fate. Could the Universe be trying to show these two that every moment in our lives have brought us to a specific moment for a specific reason…were these two always meant to find each other?

When it comes to Romantic Novels, what’s your favourite?

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