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How To Feel Better When You Are On Your Period

How To Feel Better When You Are On Your Period

Róisín Lynch

Most of us can agree that when it is our time of month our self-esteem and confidence tend to suffer.

Scientifically it makes sense as well, just think of all the hormone fluctuations that are going on, let alone the cramps and bloating. All of that combined makes it difficult to be your normal confident self but there are a few things you can do to help you feel more like you.

Freshen up

Even though your bed might be all you want when on your period, even just making an effort to get up, wash your face and do your hair will make you feel a lot better. This will also help your confidence which will have a positive impact on your over-all mood!

Treat yourself to a bath

Periods can be rough, there is no denying that, so a nice refreshing bath is definitely something you deserve during your time of the month! Use a nicely scented bath bomb, light a candle and let yourself relax for a little bit. You will feel nice and fresh afterwards and baths can also work wonders on painful cramps!

Use your favourite moisturiser

When you smell good you feel good and if there’s ever a time you need to make yourself feel good it’s on your period! Use your favourite scented moisturiser and you will definitely be standing a little taller for the rest of the day!

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Go for a walk or do some light exercise

This one is depending on how bad your cramps are or not. Sometimes light exercise can help relieve pain from cramps but you don’t want to push yourself too far!

If you aren’t feeling too bad but feel like you need a little boost, going for a walk or doing some light exercise such as yoga or Pilates can be great way of feeling fresher and more like yourself during your time of the month!

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