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4 Things That Are Not Worth Your Time

4 Things That Are Not Worth Your Time

Ella Morley

Life is too short to spend your time on things that are not worth it. Your time is precious so make sure to spend it wisely and do not waste it.

Toxic Friends

Toxic friends are not worth your time. People who constantly make you feel bad about yourself, always try to ‘one-up’ you and talk negatively about you behind your back.  These people are not your friends. No matter how much you keep hoping they will change, chances are they probably will not. You will never be heard so it is no use wasting your voice. There are far more people that would be happy to be your friend and therefore it is not worth spending your time and energy on someone who will treat you badly.

Waiting for the right moment

The right moment will never come and that is the truth. The idea that the stars will align and everything will be in the right place all at the same time is a myth. You could be waiting forever if you chose to wait for the perfect moment. You will only look back and regret not doing it sooner. Whether you are making a big decision or planning to ask someone out, it is better take your chance now rather than humming and hawing over ‘What If’s’. This will just result in unnecessary stress so just go for it. Good luck!!!

Not being yourself

As Oscar Wilde once said, ‘Be yourself everyone else is already taken’. These wise words ring true to his day. Not being yourself denies the world of the wonderful opportunity to get to know you. Trying to fit in a box simply because society tells you to will only may you unhappy. Constantly doing something only to impress someone else when it is not your truth can make you feel miserable.

Trust yourself. You are worth knowing. Stop second guessing yourself. Follow your gut. It is often correct. Those feelings of intuition can put you on the right track when you have gone astray, and it will always be there to guide you.

Comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others is easy to do. We often do this when we see the success of others in our own life or on social media. However, we tend to look past the hard work it took to get there and fool ourselves into thinking their life must be so much better than ours. This belief is only based on what you see. It is based on what they choose to show you. You have no idea what is going on behind the scenes, the extra lighting used, the expert consultants giving advice or even the number of attempts they took to get the effortless look!  Until you know the whole story how can you truly compare yourself to someone else?

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The energy that we use doing this is often very negative and rarely a good thing. Why not use this energy to work on yourself rather than spending your time being envious of others?  Life will improve when you realise that comparing yourself to others is not worth your time. This will only leave you with genuine happiness for them which they will greatly appreciate.

Freeing up this wasted time will allow you to focus your time, energy and love on things that truly matter in life.

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