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5 Book To Film Adaptations Worth Watching

5 Book To Film Adaptations Worth Watching

Sophie Coffey

The cold and wintry evenings are arriving and it is becoming more and more tempting to curl up with a book or film. Why not combine the two with a book-to-film adaptation? We know that there are some questionable adaptations out there with missing characters or even completely changed plots, but here are five book to film adaptations that are well worth watching.

The Fault in Our Stars

At one point every teenage girl had a copy of this book on their bedside table and when the film was released in 2014 we couldn’t believe our luck. John Green’s beautiful writing had been transformed into a heart-breaking film. The casting of TFIOS was definitely one of the main reasons the adaptation worked so well.

The wonderful Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort endeared us to Hazel and Gus from the second they appeared on our screens. Let’s be honest, we might have known exactly how the story would end but we still sobbed like babies! This book to film adaptation was so much more than “okay”.

The Harry Potter Series

This is another adaptation that was sold by the casting. Whether it was the extraordinary Alan Rickman terrifying us all as Snape or the brilliant Julie Waters delivering Mrs Weasley’s iconic lines, the casting was spot on. Most of all however, I’m sure we can all agree that Emma Watson simply IS Hermione Granger!

The set and special effects used in the production of these films are just as magical as its plot. The first glimpse of the glittering grandeur of the Great Hall or the intricate detail of Gringotts bank are a testament to how much effort went into every aspect of adapting the books.

Love, Simon

The name of the film might be slightly different from that of the book (Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda), however, the touching essence of the story is just the same. It is mainly young actors that make up the cast and they do a brilliant job of staying true to Becky Albertalli’s novel. The book is poignant and thought-provoking and this is impressively depicted in the film adaptation. Coming of age films are part of a pretty saturated market but I know that this is one that I will rewatch again and again and love it more each time.

The Notebook

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As book to film adaptations go, this one is pretty iconic!

Nicolas Sparks is known for writing powerful romance novels and Allie and Noah are arguably his most famous. When the film was first released it was to mixed reviews, but the general consensus now is that both the book and the film are well worth your attention. The is definitely a tearjerker so a box of tissues is highly recommended.

Bridget Jones Diary

This is another one that made us cry; this time it was tears of laughter (well most of the time). Comical, witty and downright brilliant this is the perfect film for a lazy Sunday morning, or a cosy night in, or a movie night with friends. Or anytime at all really. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face this film was created as a result of Helen Felding’s hilarious novel. Renee Zellweger nails the protagonist and with fellow actors like Colin Firth and Hugh Grant at her side. It’s a strong cast that carry this brilliant book to the big screen.

What are your favourite Book To Film Adaptation?

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