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YouTube Channels For Every Mood

YouTube Channels For Every Mood

Alice O'Donnell

There’s nothing better than plugging in your headphones and relaxing while watching something good on YouTube. However, if you’re like us, sooner or later the To Watch playlist begins dwindling until you find yourself rewatching the same Shane Dawson documentary ten times over.

Below are our top picks of YouTube channels; hopefully they’ll add more options to your playlist and will amuse you many a long winter night. 


TED, a channel with over 15 million subscribers and 3,000 videos, is the home of the famous TedTalks. No matter what mood you’re in, there is a TedTalk for you. From funny stories such as “This is what happens when you reply to spam email” by James Veitch, to the inspirational “How do you define yourself” by Lizzie Velasquez, to the humorous yet thought provoking “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator” by Tim Urban, there seems to be a TedTalk for every possible situation you could find yourself in.

Each Talk ranges from 5 to 20 minutes long, and the speakers use a range of techniques to get their point across while engaging and entertaining the audience. The great thing is, there’s so many TedTalks out there now, that unless you dedicate yourself to watching them 24/7, chances are you’ll never run out of a new one to listen to.

Buzzfeed Unsolved

Unquestionably the best thing to come out of Buzzfeed since the Try Guys, Buzzfeed Unsolved involves two men, Ryan and Shane and their ghost-hunting adventures. The seasons switch emphasis, with every second one being a “True Detective” series, where the two presenters discuss unsolved true crime stories, while the other season is “Supernatural”, where the boys explore haunted locations.

What makes this show unique is that while one presenter, Ryan, is a huge believer in the paranormal, his co-presenter Shane is completely the opposite and thinks everything can be explained with rational reason, making for a hugely entertaining show. This YouTube channel mixes a combination of unnerving situations with laugh-out-loud humour and is a fantastic watch – just make sure you don’t watch after dark.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Postmodern Jukebox

This YouTube channel has nearly 5 million subscribers, and has 370 videos, each covering a popular modern song. Started in 2011, this channel has really perfected it’s niche, with each song being recomposed and restyled to suit a certain era.

While the songs are still recognisable, the twist in style makes for a unique blend of old and new. For example, “Creep”by Radiocreep has been rearranged and sung in with 1930’s jazz twist, and “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga in a 1920s Great Gatsby style.

The singers and musicians are hugely talented, and it almost feels like pirating that you can listen to such fab music for free. No matter what songs you love, chances are Postmodern Jukebox have covered it in a new and different genre. 


NikkiTutorials is one of the only YouTube beauty gurus who is drama free. She’s bright, cheerful and avoids all the gloomy gossip which the beauty community is known for.

Having been on YouTube for over a decade, she’s one of the original beauty gurus. Her makeup tutorials are amusing yet easy to follow, and some of her results can only be considered pieces of art.

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One of our favourite videos of hers is “The Power of MAKEUP”, where Nikki shows how transformative makeup is, yet how girls are beautiful with and without it. Nikki is one of the top subscribed beauty Youtubers, with 12 million followers, and we can see why.


This is one of our favourite YouTube channels, and it encourages the watcher not just to be the passive watcher, but to also think about issues raised. “Jubilee” does a wide range of videos, most focusing on human nature and differing views. Each video concept is clearly well thought out and with a view to elicit a certain question or moral from the viewer.

One of their series to definitely watch is the “Do All … Think The Same?”, where each video records a different group of people with one common feature and asks them questions to see if they hold the same beliefs. For example, groups used include vegans, teens, Muslims and Caucasians, and the questions range from whimsical to philosophical.

One thing’s for certain – no matter what video you watch of theirs, you’ll keep thinking about it days after you’ve watched.

What YouTube Channels do you like watching?

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