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5 Minutes With…Lucy And Lydia Connell

5 Minutes With…Lucy And Lydia Connell

Jessie Bennett

Find The Girl Book

We are HUGE fans of Lucy And Lydia Connell here at Not only are we obsessed with the twins Instagram feeds, but they are also our fav on YouTube! And now the girls have added a book to their ever grown empire. Jessie nabbed the girls to chat about their new novel, Find The Girl.


What inspired the story for Find The Girl?

We’ve always wanted to write about what it is like to be a twin, and how special the twin bond is. We felt that writing a fiction book, we could be so creative with the story and we love how the twins find not only themselves but each other in the story. 


Are the characters of Nina and Nancy based on you guys? Do you share any similar traits? 

Nina and Nancy are not us, but we feel that when our readers read our story, they will definitely see us in Nina and Nancy and in their personalities! Nina and Nancy are polar opposites, whereas we are exactly the same! We could literally be the same person, so it was really interesting to explore their differences and develop their characters!


Who’s your favourite character in the book and why?

Lydia’s favourite character would be Nancy. Lydia feels like she relates more to Nancy’s personality, and Lucy loves Nina’s character because of her love for photography and the way Nina prefers to live life in the moment!

Were you influenced by any particular books that you read as teens?

We loveeeee reading, and Lucy was never seen without a book in her hand when she was younger! We were absolutely obsessed with Jaqueline Wilson books and we loved the Mary-Kate and Ashley books too!


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5 Minutes With...Lucy And Lydia Connell
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Did you enjoy the writing experience?

We loved the writing experience as we felt like we could be super creative. As there were two of us, we had so many creative ideas for the storyline and each chapter switches between Nina and Nancy, so you can really get an insight into how each twin is feeling in the different situations that take place in the book. We collaborated with Katy Birchall as we loved her writing style and she really loved our story. We feel like the perfect dream team.

Are you planning any other books?

We loved the whole process so to have the chance to continue this story would be incredible! We are so obsessed with the story and would love the opportunity to explore these characters more! Keep your eyes peeled!

What advice would you give our readers who hope to become authors some day?

We feel that you should write about topics that you have a real passion about and be true to yourself in your writing style, so people love your writing based on you, as you’re the only person who can bring your personality across.

Find the Girl by Lucy and Lydia Connell is published by Puffin, priced €14.99

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