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5 Shows To Watch If You Love Yellowjackets

5 Shows To Watch If You Love Yellowjackets

Team Missy

Yellowjackets is the series everyone is talking about. And as much as we are bet into the drama of series 1, there’s only 10 episodes. Thankfully season 2 is already confirmed, but what are we to watch in the meantime?

Fear not, because we’ve come up with 5 shows to watch if you love Yellowjackets…


We can’t not mention one of the greatest TV shows ever on this list. Just like Yellowjackets, Lost follows a group of crash survivors on a remote island. Things start to get pretty weird very quickly in the show. If you’re looking for a show that will blow your mind, give Lost a go.

The Wilds

On paper Yellowjackets and Amazon Prime Original The Wilds look very similar. You have a group of girls left to fend for themselves in the wilderness after a plane crash and all the complexities that come with that, but that’s were the similarities kinda end. We won’t ruin it for you, but The Wilds takes their story in a completely different direction. So, if you’re looking for a show to watch that’s similar to Yellowjackets, we’d start here. Season 2 of The Wilds is also expected later this year and we have a feeling that the show is going to be a real talking-point.

The Society

Another recent show to take on a similar Lord of The Flies theme with teens left to rule themselves is Netflix’ The Society. Unfortunately the show got cancelled after the first season, but it’s still worth a watch. There’s a good whodunit as well as a “WFT is going on here?” type mystery.

Pretty Little Liars

Yellowjackets is quite twisty, with lots of mystery and intrigue built into the two stories being told in the past and present. But one thing pops out early on in Yellowjackets is that the survivors are keeping a hell of a lot of secrets amongst themselves, which echos Pretty Little Liars. The original mystery in PLL is great, if you have’t already watched the show it is well worth your time. It’s currently streaming on Netflix.

Cruel Summer

If you enjoy the 90’s vibes of Yellowjackets give Cruel Summer a watch. There’s also duelling timelines in the way the story is told, so you unpack each nugget of information and try to piece everything together. There’s also a solid mystery to it; told over three summers in the 1990s, a girl goes missing and another mysteriously takes over her life.

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Cruel Summer is available on Amazon Prime.

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