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5 Ways To Hide A Breakout

5 Ways To Hide A Breakout

Róisín Lynch

We all love surprises but a surprise breakout a day before a big event *insert sarcasm here*.

Breakouts and acne happen to the best of us and are nothing to be ashamed of. If however, you wake up with some unwanted blemishes, there are things you can do to quickly hide your breakout. We’ve got you covered with these 5 ways to hide a breakout!

Green concealer

If you wake up with some new friends in the form of pimples, get your hands on some green concealer! Green concealer works as a colour corrector. The green counteracts the red of the pimple. While it won’t get rid of the pimple completely it hides the pimple’s  appearance as the colour won’t be as visible. No one will have any idea!

Acne Patches

Acne patches are a handy little tool to help hide the appearance of breakouts! The acne patch absorbs any excess fluid (such as pus or oil) from the pimple. This stops your skin from absorbing the bacteria from the pus, oil and dirt off your fingers. They minimise the appearance of spots super-fast. Which is what we all want when faced with an unexpected breakout!


Icing spots is hailed for getting rid of spots over-night. Who would have guessed! It’s a method loved by love island star Molly Mae Hague who has spoken of her love for the pimple axing method multiple times in her YouTube videos and Instagram stories.

Icing spots is best used on new, red and tender blemishes. It works as an anti-inflammatory method which takes away the inflamed appearance of the spot.

Skincare expert Sam Bunting spoke of his love for the method to Get The Gloss. He revealed the best way to ice a spot is to “wrap some ice in a thin washcloth and place it on cleansed skin against the blemish. Hold it there for a couple of minutes. It works to reduce swelling, just like you’d ice a swollen ankle.”

For complete pimple inhalation pair icing with an anti-blemish treatment such as a spot cream.

Tinted moisturiser

Tinted moisturiser is your best friend when it comes to hiding blemishes! You might be a bit wary of putting makeup over breakouts for fear you will make them worse but there are number of tinted moisturises that actually work to help breakouts and improve the overall quality of your skin. You can have your cake and eat it when it comes to tinted moisturisers.

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CC Cream

CC cream’s work in a similar way to tinted moisturisers. They offer a similar coverage to foundation but contain ingredients proven to help improve the appearance of problematic skin. You don’t need to worry about wearing makeup with a breakout where CC cream is involved. CC cream stands for colour correction so just like with the green concealer we mentioned earlier, it works by counteracting the colour of the red pimples, leaving a more neutral tone.

So, throw on your favourite make up look and go to whatever event you were looking forward to and let the CC cream take care of your breakout!

Have you any tips for ways to hide a breakout?

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