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Banish Boredom: 25 Things To Do While Stuck Indoors

Banish Boredom: 25 Things To Do While Stuck Indoors

Sophie Coffey

By this point the novelty of a few days off in your pyjamas or some relaxing lie-ins has probably worn off.
However, now more than ever, it is so important to stay inside. That doesn’t mean it is easy though and cabin fever can leave you climbing the walls for something to do. It is probable that you have certain tasks that you must do or schoolwork to complete but alleviating the boredom that creeps in during the rest of the time can be tough.
If you are stuck for something to do then look no further, is here to help!

1. Read a new book

Check out your bookshelf or ebooks for something new. We also have plenty of recommendations for you in our book section.

2. Learn a new language

So maybe the news about the Leaving Cert orals has put you off Irish for a bit (trust me I get that) but try a new language or study something different like sign language

3. Try out new hairstyles

I’m not suggesting taking the kitchen scissors to your locks – you will be able to leave the house eventually – but why not try out new styles or online tutorials

4. Baking

There are tons of recipes online designed to help you kill a few hours but just check you aren’t using up ingredients required for something else

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5. Pick up a hobby

Your usual extracurriculars might have been cancelled but you could use this time to master something different entirely

6. Binge watch a tv show

This is not recommended for your entire time indoors but for one or two days allow yourself a tv marathon. We have plenty of suggestions.

7. Watch a film you haven’t watched since you were a kid

There are plenty of nostalgic movies sure to remind you of your childhood

8. Have a declutter

The last thing you want is to be stuck in a messy room. Have a good old clear out and bag up items for charities. You may not be able to donate them now, but these shops will desperately need your donations when the crisis is over

9. Work out

If you can go out for a quick walk or some fresh air without breaching the self-isolation guidelines (they are there for a reason!) but if not then there are plenty of online videos to help you with your physical and mental health

10. Start that project

Most of us have some big project in mind but more than enough excuses to keep it firmly planted in our heads. Why not choose now to actually do it.

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11. Spend time with your family

It is tough not being able to meet up with your other extended family members but spend some quality time with those at home

12. Use random ingredients to make dinner without a recipe

If your cupboards are filled with a wide range of strange items, try to come up with a creative concoction for your family (without accidentally poisoning them!).

13. Build up a photo album

Consider delving into the attic and creating something special with your family memories.

14. Play a board game

This is one way of keeping your brain cells active and keeping your family entertained.

15. Meditate

Try some yoga or guided meditations and remember to breathe during this stressful time.

16. Check in on elderly neighbours/relatives

Loneliness affects the elderly more than many others so let those in need know you can help them, even just for a chat over the phone.

17. Sort out your make up

Now is the perfect time to get rid of all the half full concealers and mascaras you’ve accumulated. While we are on a cleaning streak, it’s also an ideal time to clean your make up brushes

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18. Write a diary

This is a period that history will remember so if you want the primary sources to be something other than TikToks (hilarious though they are) start a diary.

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19. Learn calligraphy

This takes time and patience and given that time is something we have in abundance now why not give it a try.

20. Dig into long movies or big books

Now is the perfect time to settle in with a large book or long film. For example The Count of Monte Cristo is over 1000 pages long and the film based of it is almost two and a half hours Shawshank redemption but both are well worth your time

21. Have a pamper evening

Treat yourself to a spa evening at home as a bit of relaxation. There’s never been a better time to put on a face mask and run yourself a bath.

22. Learn to be Ambidextrous

For something completely new to keep you entertained try teaching yourself to be ambidextrous

23. Podcasts

There are podcasts available for every mood whether you want something to make you laugh uproariously or a topic guaranteed to make you think

24. Do something creative

Whether it is writing, dancing, singing, painting or drawing find something creative to do with your time. Check out RTÉ’s #CreateDontContaminate for more inspiration

25. Create a CV

Use your excess time to build up a CV. Spend some time thinking about your skills and accomplishments so even though you don’t have much use for it now, you will have a ready made CV ready to go in future.
Canva has lots of great, free CV templates.

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