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So, Why Do We Get So Emotional On Our Periods?

So, Why Do We Get So Emotional On Our Periods?

Róisín Lynch

Ever feel like you can’t get a grip of your emotions on your period?

One second you are fine and the next you are crying at the fact your dog looks a little cuter than usual? Yeah, us too.

The majority of people who experience periods find they are more sensitive and emotionally vulnerable during the few days leading up to their period as well as the week they are on their period.

But what’s the science behind it? While it is something we all experience, most of us aren’t too sure why, we kind of just roll with it as another thing we can thank are periods for. Stick with us as we dig deep in to the why’s of our emotional ways during our periods.

So, why do we get so emotional?

Having conducted some research, it appears there is no definite answer but there is strong evidence to suggest that fluctuating hormones are the culprit.

The drop in estrogen and progesterone after ovulation triggers us to be more emotional than usual. These hormones reduce the production of serotonin, otherwise known as the happy chemical! Serotonin is responsible for regulating mood, appetite and ability to get a good nights sleep. When Serotonin is low you inevitably feel sadder than usual.

Periods are tiring work

On top of drops in hormones, and impacts on serotonin levels, periods are just tough work in general. Your body is working over time during your time of month, this would leave any body tired.

Feeling tired and not getting adequate rest are naturally going to make you a little bit fragile when it comes to your emotional state.

Being super tough already, most uterus owners power through their time of the month, but cut yourself some slack when you are on your period and take that extra nap if you need it!

So, it’s normal?

Yup, completely normal! You might have had a conversation with your friends about your emotions during your period and got mixed responses. Some girls notice a big change in emotions during their periods, for others it’s not so much. That’s simply because, no two periods are the same.

Is there anything I can do to help?

While you period may feel like a powerful force! There are things you can do to help when you are feeling a little bit extra emotional on your period.

Be kind to yourself, – be gentle with yourself and don’t try to stop yourself from feeling what you are feeling either.

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Chocolate is always a good idea! – There is very little chocolate can’t fix, treat yourself to your favourite treat be it chocolate or ice-cream, you deserve it! Plus, chocolate has been proven to help with period cramps, so think of it as a necessity!

Get enough rest – as mentioned earlier, drops in serotonin can negatively impact your quality of sleep. Try to get as much rest as you can.

Exercise- depending on how bad your cramps are, if you feeling up to it exercise releases endorphins that boost your mood and will help combat the effects of the drop in serotonin! Everyone is different, but some girls report an improvement in cramps after they exercise. Do what feels best for you!

Do you get a little bit more emotional on your period?

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