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Best Scented Candles For Christmas

Best Scented Candles For Christmas

Ella Morley

We all are familiar with the situation where we find ourselves in a candle shop taking in all the scents around us. We may even be tempted to pick one up when curiosity gets the better of us to see what it smells like. 

A scented candle at Christmas time is the perfect way to add a final touch to the decorations. They can make wonderful Christmas presents and are highly underrated. Candles create a signature smell and a cosy atmosphere, fantastic for the frosty season.

Here are the best scented candles for Christmas.


It’s hard to imagine Christmas without Gingerbread. This tasty treat produces a beautiful, mouth-watering aroma making it impossible to refuse. Why not replicate this nostalgia with a gingerbread scented candle? Who could resist this sweet, buttery temptation wafting through your house? This irresistible scent will leave you with a craving for gingerbread.

Try: Yankee Candles Frosty Gingerbread, €17.99, Home Store And More


Is there a better reminder of Christmas than cinnamon? This inviting scent will warm your heart on the coldest of days. What better addition could you add to the festive cheer than a cinnamon scented candle? The fragrance is bound to leave any room smelling wonderful. Why not breathe in the smell of Christmas as you decorate the tree?

Try: Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick Tart, €1.99, Homestore And More


The fresh scent of Vanilla is associated with Christmas. What better way to add to     the festivities than filling up a room with the sweet smell of a vanilla scented candle. This ambrosial embellishment will ensure to make you feel relaxed and uplift your mood any day of the week. A vanilla scented candle is guaranteed to make the dark winter days feel brighter.

Try: Tuscany Double Wick Candle Cinnamon, €9.99, Homestore And More


Who does not love the luscious smell of a Christmas tree? Those who annually buy a real tree will be familiar with the aroma of pine that fills the room. However, even those who use the same tree every year can replicate this fresh scent by getting a candle with this fragrance. So, whether you opt for a real tree or fake one, you can still have the smell of pine and the Christmas spirit it evokes.

Try: Winter Soy Candle – Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg + Pine, €15.99, Handmade Soap Company 

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Clove is a beloved spice that makes us all think of Christmas no matter what time of year it is. Why not include a Clove scented candle to the list of decorations this year? This sweet, warm scent is guaranteed to add a pleasant touch to any room. Enjoy the smell of nature without leaving the house as this exquisite aroma that will leave you in a joyful and tranquil state.

Try: Mandarin Cinnamon & Clove Candle, €13, Marks and Spencer

Including a scented candle in any room adds a sense of warmth both literally and figuratively. They look effective and smell exquisite without being overpowering. Many well-known companies have developed candle products that tap into this idea of recreating a scent that evokes Christmas. 

These candles combine many of the fragrances listed above and there is certainly one to suit you.  Plus, candles make for fantastic gifts and are guaranteed to be appreciated by those who receive them.

What are your favourite scented candles for Christmas?

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