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Christmas Traditions To Start In 2021

Christmas Traditions To Start In 2021

Sophie Coffey

At this point, it would be impossible and irresponsible to pretend that Christmas in 2021 is going to be anything like in previous years. It may not be as strict on restrictions as 2020, but it will still be a bit different from pre-COVID times. But it is important to recognise that this does not mean that the day is destined to be a lost cause.

There are still many ways to enjoy the festivities and the seasonal celebrations. It is probable that you cannot engage in some of your usual Christmas traditions, but this just means that now is the perfect time to start some new ones!

Family competitions

In line with the restrictions, many more of this year’s Christmas activities will be carried out with those in our households. Keep the Christmas and the competitive spirit up by engaging in some family nights in. From cozy movies and baking, to craft competitions or board games, a dose of family fun and rivalry will be a tradition you are sure to love! Some of these activities can also be converted into online alternatives, like zoom quizzes, for maximum festive fun!

Silly Secret Santa

It is fair to say that this year we all need a laugh more than ever. Share some joy and some gifts with a novelty or themed Secret Santa. Set a small budget and a hilarious theme for some guaranteed gifting giggles. Choose either a vague or highly specific theme and watch your family scramble to find the best present! For double the amusement leave the labels anonymous throughout and let people attempt to guess their benefactor!

Walk It Off

Cabin fever is a sentiment most of us became overtly familiar with in 2020 so to prevent it from infringing on your Christmas, incorporate some outdoor walks. These are great (socially distanced) ways to catch up with friends and exercise your body and mind! Perhaps a new tradition this Christmas Eve or Boxing Day could include a wander around an area of natural beauty, or a hike along one of the green trails Ireland is renowned for!

Send some Christmas Post

Admittedly our generation might not be known for the sending of “good ol’ traditional letters” (think stamps and everything!). But send handwritten letters to family or friends so that they know you’re thinking of them.

For those of us who can still consider ourselves too young for personally addressed post to involve mainly bills (counting myself in there thank you very much!), there is something rare and exciting about receiving a letter in the post. The alarming number of parcels from online orders just does not have the same effect!

In a year plagued with disconnection, now is the perfect time to start up a tradition like this.

Dress Up!

If ever there was a December that needed some sparkle, this is surely it! Your Christmas calendar might not be as fully booked as usual but don’t let that stop you from whipping out the winter-wear! Glam up in all of your favourite outfits over the Christmas period, even if you don’t leave the house!

We have all the Christmas OOTD inspo that you need!

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Pyjama Day!

Alternatively, there is nothing as relaxed and comforting as a day spent in your PJs! An excuse to lounge in your coziest clothes all day? Sounds dreamy to us! Bonus points if you can convince your family to match with you too. Pyjama days are a brilliant tradition you will not want to give up!

Give Back to Charity

While most of us are lucky enough to look forward to the Christmas festivities, not everyone is so fortunate, and December can be a tough time for many. The usual collection boxes, charity events and fundraisers have been halted this festive season, so our support is needed more than ever. Why not start a valuable tradition of generosity and kindness by choosing a charity and donating what you can this December? There are so many to choose from like, St Vincent De Paul, Simon Community, or Pieta House to name but a few.

Donations do not have to be big flashy affairs involving large sums of cash. Think of the collection boxes that jingle. These are filled with individually donated coins. It is the collective effect of all these smaller donations that create such an important impact.

Equally there are many ways to give back that do not involve any financial effect and are just as valuable.

Which Christmas Traditions would you like to start in 2021?

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