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Simple Ways To Spread Kindness This New Year

Simple Ways To Spread Kindness This New Year

Róisín Lynch

It is easy to get caught up in the Christmas rush, the shopping chaos, exams, study, planning meet ups with your friends and family. Often people can forget that this is a supposed to be a season of kindness and that it isn’t always the most joyful time for everyone

You don’t have to buy someone a Gucci bag or the latest Playstation to make someone feel good this time of year. There are simple, everyday things you can do to make someone smile this Christmas and spread some kindness..whether you know them or not!


This one may be a little bit more difficult this year as we are all fashioning masks at the moment, but the best thing about a smile is that it can be seen in your eyes! 

A simple smile to someone you are passing on the street or the cashier in a shop is a great way to spread some positivity and joy and you are sure to feel uplifted yourself.

Pay for someone’s tea or coffee

Presents are great but something as simple as paying for someone’s tea or coffee in your local coffee shop is a sure way of making someone’s day. As well, gestures like this often inspire people to do the same to someone else. A simple act of kindness that won’t cost you too much could very well turn in to a great ripple effect of kindness. What a lovely way of spreading joy this season!

Thank people you appreciate

Feeling appreciated is something that everyone craves and often people don’t realise how much they are appreciated. So, take the Christmas season as your chance to let the people you love know how much they are appreciated. Writing it in a Christmas card is a great way of doing this! 

The feeling of appreciation will likely stick around longer than the feeling of getting a nice expensive gift.

Help someone out

It’s easy to get caught up in our own worlds that we don’t pay much attention to those around us. Often we can miss the opportunity to help someone who might be struggling right in front of us. 

Try to make an effort to keep an eye out for those around you and if you see someone struggling to carry their shopping to their car or reach something on a shelf in a supermarket, offer a helping hand. They will definitely appreciate it!

Ask people how their day is going

It is amazing how many people we encounter on a day to day basis who we barely say a word to. Try to make an effort to ask the supermarket cashier or the person in your local newsagents how their day is going. You never know how much it could mean to that person!

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Who doesn’t love compliments! 

Even though we often brush them off, deep down it feels nice to hear that our hair or outfit looks nice. If you like your friends new top or notice that someone has changed their hairstyle, say it to them! You might just make their day!

Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in awhile

Christmas can be a lonely time for a lot of people so it’s really important to check in on those around you and those who you haven’t talked to in a while! 

Checking in on someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while is nice because it makes them feel that even though you mightn’t  talk often, you still care about them, and feeling cared about is oh so important☺

You could have the power to turn someone’s bad day in to a good one so spread some positivity and kindness this December and all the way through 2021 ☺

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