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The Missy Edit: Mixing And Matching

When we’re putting together our fashion features we’re mindful of the fact that most of us don’t have an unlimited budget for clothing.  So, we always try to think of different ways that you can style items to make them into a few different outfits.

For our latest Missy Edit we put together a whole outfit which could easily be paired with lots of different options.

We take you through each piece and how you can wear it different ways.

The Skirt

The show-stopper of this outfit is definitely this gorgeous Topshop Petite Meadow Ruffle Mini Skirt.

It mightn’t seem like an obvious piece for mixing and matching clothes with, but hear us out. This can be dressed up for evenings with the gals by pairing it with a simple cami or lace top. You can also colour clash this with orange or yellow. Wear it with heels or simple flats. And of course you can pair it with tights come winter. Floral prints are also always a worthy investment because they never go out of fashion.

The Denim Jacket

If you don’t already have at least one denim jacket in your wardrobe, it’s time to invest. We picked this Frayed Vintage Wash Oversize Denim Jacket from Boohoo because we love the vintage vibes from it. It’s also oversized which means that it’s going to be perfect over bulkier clothing. A denim jacket really can take you anywhere. And for €29, this is a steal!


The White T-Shirt

Asos Petite V-Neck Swing T-Shirt


Lets be honest; you can pair a white t-shirt with anything. So, here are some our favourite picks for mixing and matching a simple white t-shirt this summer.

Shop The Look

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3 Ways To Wear A Denim Pinafore Dress

3 ways to wear a denim pinafore

The Pinafore Dress

When it came time to put together our very first fashion shoot for, we spent ages thinking about the big trends this summer. But there was just one item that we kept seeing over and over again on our Instagram grid and in shops: the pinafore dress.

We think a denim pinafore dress is the perfect addition to your wardrobe this summer. Not only are there so many ways you can wear it right now, it will still be something that you’ll find yourself reaching for come autumn. Invest now.

Here are 3 ways to wear a denim pinafore dress.



The Bardot Top

The Bardot Top is huge news this summer and we think it looks surprisingly amazing with a denim pinafore dress. This one is from Penneys, but there are literally hundreds of options. From a simple plain white Bardot, to bold and bright prints. Expect this this to be the official look at the festivals.


Shop The Look

-Dress: New Look -Bardot Top: Penneys -Shoes: Korkys -Necklace: The Collective Dublin.


DSC_0034 (1)

The Simple Tee

The most obvious way to style a denim pinafore dress is with the humble t-shirt. This super cute T-Shirt is from New Look. It give us serious 90’s vibes (which is so in right now!) but it really provides a pop of colour that our soul needs. This is the perfect low-key outfit for a day out with the fam.


Shop The Look

-Dress, New Look -Rainbow T-Shirt, New Look, €14.99 -Necklace La Bella Vita.



The Body Suit

The Body Suit is almost becoming our default when we’re not sure what to wear under something, and we are not complaining.

Again, there are lots of different bodysuit options out there for everyone, but we love the colour of this body suit.


Shop The Look

-Dress, New Look -Body Suit, Penneys -Necklace La Bella Vita.


Shop The Post


Model: Leah Cheung

Styling and Photography: Dani Mahoney

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The Missy Edit: What We’re Buying For Summer

Rumour has it Spring has sprung, but we sure aren’t experiencing it in Ireland. Yet! is trying to be optimistic about the weather. As the Leaving Cert approaches so does the almost guaranteed LC heat-wave. So, we thought we would be prepared for when summer finally appears.

You’ll notice a lot of yellow in our top picks. That wasn’t completely by design; yellow is just everywhere for summer!

Yes, this is a summer edit, but let’s be honest we’re never too far away from winter-like weather here in Ireland. It’s always best to have a trusty cardigan on standby. We love this one from ASOS because even if the weather isn’t too summer-y, this yellow sure is.

We’ve already run through some of our favouitre picks for coats to help you survive summer. Again, a necessity in Ireland!

We also know that the black boots pictured above don’t exactly scream “SUMMER” but we just adore them. At only €21 in Penneys you’ll be glad that you bought them once Autumn rolls in abruptly. We’re also loving the fab Red Bag from Penneys which is only €8! Wear both with a white lace dress in summer and then keep them for winter wear.

What We’re Buying For Summer


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The Missy Edit: Spring/Summer Coats

The Missy Edit: Spring/Summer Coats

Controversial opinion: Spring/Summer is the worst in Ireland!

Yes, the rest of the world might be getting ready for summer heat-waves, but in Ireland we are never too far away from the threat of rain. This proves to be a disaster when it comes to coats. What are you supposed to do? Bring a coat, and then be roasting and forced to take it off and carry it around? Disaster. Or leave your coat at home and face the wrath of the cold/rain or worse, your mother?

Missy has pulled together some coat options for spring ,and let’s be honest summer, because we can never fully put our outerwear away in Ireland.

Before we show you out top Spring/Summer coats, can we just take a moment to appreciate this Rain Jacket With Bumbag from Asos? Yes, we did say Bumbag! Yes, the ugly but practical coat that we were all forced into as children on holidays have returned, but we are loving this pink version. How could your mother object?!

Top Tip: You’re not going to get a huge amount of wear out of  Spring/Summer coats. We advise forgetting about mad trends (we’re looking at you, Crystal Denim Jacket!) and invest in a classic item, like a Mac or a denim jacket that you can take out every year when it comes to awkward transitional wear.

Read: 21 Things To Add To Your Wardrobe

Spring/Summer Coats

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The Missy Edit: Multiple Ear Piercings

Your mothers are probably going to kill us for this one, but we are loving multiple ear piercings!

Statement earrings are out. This year it’s all about mixing multiple earrings to achieve a simple, but striking effect.


We’ve noticed a number of celebrities and bloggers sporting pieces from Maria Tash, but be warned, they’re majorly on the pricey side. Maria Tash has definitely influenced our love.


“Ear curation is not a trend,” Tash says. “It’s always been popular. What changed is that the jewelry is smaller and prettier, it’s custom-fit to your ear, and you can wear it continuously.”


And although we are smitten with certain pieces, (sorry, but these look unreal!) it is possible to get some similar MT looks for less *cough* .

Go small

The key to this trend to mix and match various small earrings to create an over-all look. Think small hoops and dainty studs. The great thing is there are no rules and you can continuously mix it up. Gold is still big news. As is Rose Gold. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match metals and colours.



Although there are lots of great and far cheaper alternatives to Mari Tash, who uses actual diamonds in her pieces, do look at investing in some good quality pieces. Yes, Penneys can be the biz, but their jewellery isn’t exactly made for long-term wear. Look for pieces that are plated Sterling Silver. These will not only last longer, but they shouldn’t irritate your ears either.


Piercing Advise

The great thing about ear piercings is that you can remove them anytime and if you get sick of them they should close up with little to no scaring.

If you’re looking to get a new piercing we advise asking around to see where the best place is in your local area. F.Y.I, it’s best to be pierced with a needle instead of a piercing gun used in some jewellery stories. Make sure the place is clean and that it makes you feel comfortable. Be especially careful when getting cartilage piercings as they do take longer to heal and can become infected a lot more easily than lobe piercings. Best to leave it to the professionals with lots of experience. And follow after-care instructions!



The Inspiration

Missy Favs

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21 Things To Add To Your Wardrobe

21 Things To Add To Your Wardrobe

21 Things To Add To Your Wardrobe

New season, new clothes – at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves anyway!

By adding a few key pieces you can easily update your existing wardrobe to help ease it into spring. We’re taking some inspiration from some of our favourite bloggers, as well as the runways.


Slogans are here to stay!

Slogan T-Shirts and Sweatshirts are also a fun and cost effect way to update your wardrobe. TopShop are really killing it with their slogan apparel at the moment. We’re actually kinda struggling to pick which one we love the most. The Gucci inspiration seems to be sticking around, so we recommend investing in this one!


Still not sure about tracksuits?

Love it or loath it, the tracksuit trend is going to continue on for a while to comes. Kylie Jenner is still influencing this trend and let’s be honest that counts for a lot. If you’re not too into the idea of wearing a tracksuit outside of the gym Missy Loves these trousers from New Look. You can dress them down with runners or pair them with heels on a night out.


The “can’t go wrong” piece to add to your wardrobe…

One of the essential purchases for 2018 is a check blazer. There are lots of different options in nearly all the stores. We advise going for something with a slightly larger print, so it doesn’t appear too fussy. We also love the slightly oversized vibe.


21 Things To Add To Your Wardrobe

Let us know what you’re adding to your wardrobe!


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Suit Up: 4 Ways To Wear The Coord Trend

We don’t know about you, but our obsession with suits has been steadily growing for months. It’s pretty much peaked now that Emma Stone has worn a suit on the Oscar Red Carpet, an almost unheard thing as ridiculous as it sounds. And lets not forget to mention Meghan Markle, who wore a simple black suit to a recent Gala event and managed to look incredible in it (not that is takes a lot for her!) We are definitely onboard with this trend, so lets take a closer look at it and how you can make it work.

The Inspiration

There’s a lot of sources to look for when it comes to seeking some inspiration for this trend. And of course there are a number of variations in this trend too. From Bloggers to Celebs everyone seems to be giving this trend a go.

Irish Blogger Erika Fox has been doing justice to this trend on numerous occasions. We adore her stunning Blue Suit from White House Black Market. We also spotted Erika wearing one of our picks, this Pink Check Stripe Suit from River Island .

Deep reds and pinks are big news too. Probably because they’re just such flattering colours and work for most people. We love Margot Robbie in this stripped number, even if it is giving us the urge to say Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

We adore Saoirse Ronan in her gorgeous tweed co-ord. And we managed to find a similar option from River Island.


Suited and Booted

The Power Suit is definitely the most striking and the main event when it comes to this trend. It’s perfect if you have an occasion to go to and if you’re so over wearing dresses. It’s also great if you’re not quite sure if you should be super dressed up or a bit more on the casual side. You can dress it down with a pair of runners or really go for it and rock some heels. So. many. options.


The Long And Short Of It

If a Power Suit feels a bit too much for you why not try dipping your feet in the trend with a cute coord suit? Expect to see a lot of this trend as we move more into Spring and Summer. This would be a great look if you had a Summer wedding to attend.

Mix ‘n’ Match

If you kinda like the trend, but you’re not sure if you have the occasion to pull off this look try to mix and match separates. A structured jacket with denim jeans is always a winner in our books. Or pair a plain T-Shirt with some tailored trousers.

Skirting Around The Issue

We are DYING over this amazing set from River Island. It looks very like a Chanel suit that costs thousands! It’s also something that you would have in your wardrobe for years because it will never date, as Chanel has proven.

Did we mention that the best part of this trend is the ability to pair the blazer and skirt/shorts/trousers with other outfits?
What do you think of the Suit trend?

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Way back when, well a few months ago, we looked at the 4 key trends for Autumn. Although we’re only a month into 2018 it’s already easy to pick out the trends that are going to be big for 2018. A few trends we saw coming through towards the end of 2017. Here are the 4 key trends for 2018.

Berets have been very popular for the past few months, but expect to see even more of them as we head into spring. We think this thread is going to stick around for autumn/winter 2018. Invest in some basic colours now that will go with everything, like black, grey or beige. You’ll also start to see more colourful berets. We love Topshop’s vibrant red beret, which would make us feel like a Parisian all-day, everyday.

Forget being asked by your grandparents why there are holes in your jeans. In 2018 they’ll be asking you did you shrink your trousers in the wash?! Showing of those ankles is very much on trend in 2018. We love these mom jeans that would look great with a pair of loafers or Vans, which are going to stick around. You’ll still see Converse knocking about, but it really is all about the Vans these days. We also love these tartan print trousers from Asos that would go with practically everything.

If you’re looking to add an extra something-something to your wardrobe look no further than a pair of statement ankle-boots. We are obsessed with this pair from Nasty Gal. Because they’re black they will go with anything, but the beautiful gold star print will really add to any outfit. The same goes for these beautiful pearl boots, which may have “accidentally” fallen into our shopping cart.

Add a pop to your wardrobe with a statement bag. In 2018 we are all about red. We would really love a Gucci Disco Bag, but a girl can dream. This bag from Topshop would be our top pick. It’s a great size for carrying essentials and the colour is striking, but simple. It’s also giving us major Chloe vibes!

Which trend do you think you’ll be wearing?

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A Gift Guide – Awesome Irish Brands

A Gift Guide - Awesome Irish Brands

We’ve saved the best gift guide until last! It’s so important to show support to Irish businesses throughout the year, but especially at Christmas. We think it’s so much better to get something super special from some of the insanely awesome Irish brands out there. Here is a small selection of our favourites…


If you’re looking for something really special Chupi has a stunning collection to suit a lot of different budgets. Our editor Dani has the North Star Necklace and adores it. The Initial Gold Necklaces are so darling and would be a beautiful and special gift for your sister or bestie. Each piece of jewellery is made here in Ireland and is inspired by imperfect natural beauty. There’s free worldwide shipping on all pieces purchased from and everything comes in the most beautiful packaging you have ever seen.


Gilly And Rob

If you’re shopping for someone with a wicked sense of humour you need to check out Gilly and Rob. They have a hilarious collection of Christmas cards like Rissoles roasting on an open fire (it’s a Wexford thing!) or a simple Happy Christmas Hun, but they also make sweatshirts and t-shirts that are going to be loved by Game of Thrones fans. You can shop Gilly and Rob‘s full collection on their website, but they are also in some selected shops Nationwide like the The Book Centre.


If you’re shopping for someone who is into their health or hoping to make changes come January íon have a lovely selection of tonics that come beautifully presented. Ion produce small batches of completely natural tonics that helps boost your health, nourishes organs and prevents illnesses from developing. You can purchase Íon directly from their website with free shipping.


My Shinning Armour

My Shining Armour is an online accessories store based in Kilkenny and draws its name from founder Nicki’s ethos to be your own hero. My Shinning Armour is your one-stop-shop for all things glitz. Our top pick is the stunning Velvet Hero Handbag from My Shining Armour’s own bag collection. They also carry and Kate Spade. We’ve asked Santa for the much-needed “I’m Very Busy” Power Bank because why can no phone hold a battery?!?! Anyway moving on, we also adore their vast selection of earrings and necklaces. We think the Arrow Necklace is the perfect can’t go wrong for anyone gift or a piece from the Helen Moore Faux Fur Collection would surely be loved by every mammy or granny in the nation. Be quick though you must order before the 20th of December to mare sure it arrives before Christmas!

Dusty Boy

Another of our favourite Irish brands is Dusty Boy. They just have the dreamiest prints and stationary. They also produced a special design for the December Glossy Box! We chose this Wild Precious Life Print for ourselves but we also have our eye on their beautiful notebooks. Dusty Boy have teamed up with Angela Scanlon to make a special Thank You, Thank You print in aid of Focus Ireland. 100% of the profits will go to Focus Ireland. So, if you’re wanting to show your appreciation to someone in your life while also doing something great this is the gift for you. This would also be the perfect treat to yourself!


Any other Irish Companies that you love? Let us know in the comments below!

Take a look at our other gift guides.

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24 Christmas Jumpers To Get You In The Festive Mood

24 Christmas Jumpers To Get You In The Festive Mood

24 Christmas Jumpers To Get You In The Festive Mood…

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The Missy Edit: Christmas Outfit Ideas

The Missy Edit: Christmas Outfit Ideas

The Missy Edit: Christmas Outfit IdeasIt’s time to put the thinking caps on to come up with some Christmas Outfit Ideas. We’ve already covered the best party wear, but we thought we would give you some other outfit ideas for the more low-key events over Christmas.
We adore this Boucle Textured Coat from Topshop which we spotted Pippa O’ Connor wearing. It’s the perfect thing to snuggle into now that the temperatures have dramatically dropped. Pink is a surprisingly easy colour to match with. And pink coats have continued to be a massive trend for the past few winters. This is really an investment piece.
We love a good playsuit and this Velvet number from River Island is ticking all the boxes. Pair it with some black tights or leather leggings to turn in to the perfect Christmas Day Outfit.
We adore the pinafore trend this year and Christmas visiting is the perfect chance to jump on this trend. This beautiful blush pink pinafore from Topshop would be our top pick. Layer it with a fine-knit sweater underneath or a lace top to dress it up.
We’re only obsessed with is Only Leopard & Stripe Knit Jumper (ha ha, see what we did there?!). Pair this with some jeans for the perfect lazy day outfit that has a super stylish twist. We’ve added this Cropped Shirt to our own wish-list.
Let us know your favourites from below!

Christmas Outfit Ideas