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Celeb Fashion Icon Of The Week: Ariana Grande

Celeb Fashion Icon Of The Week: Ariana Grande

Sorcha Kennedy

Ariana Grande is famous for her epic vocals, high ponytail, and her portrayal of Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon’s hit show Victorious, but she’s also become a fashion icon of the decade and influences trends with every outfit she wears. From thigh-high boots to oversized jumpers, Ariana’s style is super distinct and recognisable. Although she has done campaigns for Givenchy and has worn numerous custom Versace outfits on tour, her style is actually super easy and inexpensive to replicate (lucky for us). I’ve picked my top 5 favourite Ariana outfits and found some similar pieces you can buy to steal her style.

Combat Boots The House Down

Although, as I previously stated, Ariana is known for thigh-high boots she was recently spotted in these amazing Fendi combat boots (with a matching Fendi top and bag). You may not be able to afford these designer boots, but don’t worry because I’ve found some super similar (but more affordable) options for you to buy instead! These boots can be worn with casual jeans and a top (like Ari wore them) or you can dress them up with a super cute dress.

Matching Sweat Set

I think matching sweat sets have become a staple for everyone during quarantine as they’re a super easy outfit that’s still comfy but is more put together than just wearing your pyjamas. Of course, Ariana is not immune to this trend and was spotted walking her dog in this amazing set (and matching mask).

Loving Lilac

Lilac is undoubtedly the colour of both this year and last year, and Ariana wore this amazing lilac Versace outfit during her performance last year at Coachella. Unfortunately, we all can’t have custom lilac Versace outfits made for us, but here are my favourite lilac pieces that you can buy instead. Even though lilac is a light colour, it’s a colour that can be worn during any season!

Oversized Graphic Tee

Ari is the queen of comfy chic and oversized t-shirts are a staple in her wardrobe. She makes them look so dressy and put together, even though they are super simple. You can find some really great oversized tees at vintage and charity shops, as well as on the high street (you could even wear some Ariana merch for this look).

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Puffer Jackets

I think it’s safe to say this miss Grande literally INVENTED the puffer jacket trend, and as the weather gets colder (and rainier) you definitely need one! It doesn’t have to be as blinged out as Ariana’s 7 rings jacket but there are some really cool options for sale at the moment.
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