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Coats You Just Have To Have In Your Spring Wardrobe!

Coats You Just Have To Have In Your Spring Wardrobe!

Róisín Lynch

Ah Spring time! The time when the days get a little longer, the sun shines a little brighter and the flowers begin to blossom! What’s also great about spring is the wardrobe options. It’s time to do away with the big winter coats and break out the spring coats that allow for a little bit more styling! Spring coats are fab as they are light but still warm and there are so many options available! The fashion world is your oyster during spring!

The Long Tailored Coat

Long coats are all the rave at the moment. People were donning the long puffer jackets all winter. Switch that long puffer for this classy long tailored coat to make any outfit look super chic! This coat makes an outfit look good! H&M have a lovely selection.

The Biker Jacket

This one has been around for years and with good reason!

The biker jacket feels light while still managing to keep you warm! There are so many colour options when it comes to biker jackets, so pick your favourite! The Biker jacket looks great paired with your go to jeans and sneakers or boots depending on how you are feeling! This suedette biker jacket from New Look is gorgeous!

Bomber Jacket

Look the with a bomber jacket.

Bomber jackets are an easy throw on, regardless of where you are going (not that we are going far at the moment!) They look great paired with jeans, leggings and even sweat pants! What we love most about bomber jackets is how you get to look really stylish without putting in much effort! Something like this Alexus Black Bomber Jacket from Pretty Little Thing looks great!

Puffer Jacket

We can’t get too excited, we aren’t at summer just yet! For those days where there is still a bite in the air, the puffer jacket is ideal. You can get them hoodless, as not to feel like you are back in winter and still be kept warm. Great for going on  walks (don’t we know all about walks.) They keep you warm while still looking great! These Missguided puffers are ideal and there are lots of colours to choose from!

Check Shacket

The Shacket: A term used to describe the cross between a shirt and a jacket. We love it! Ideal for spring as it is jacket but not a jacket at the same time! Check is making it’s way back and we are here for it! The check shacket adds a nice pop of colour and pattern to your spring wardrobe.. go get on it before they all sell out! Look how cute these ones from Missguided are!

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Those rainy days aren’t gone just yet! A windbreaker is a must have in your spring wardrobe but what’s good is that they look very cute and sporty! Great for when you are going on your government approved walk or a quick jog when the temperature is still a bit cold! This one from is ideal for walking or running!

The Teddy Jacket

So cute and oh so cosy! What’s not to love. The teddy jacket is ideal for spring as is nice and warm but you don’t feel as though you are wearing a bulky winter coat. Check out this one from VaVa Voom.

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