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What Happened To These Characters In To All The Boys?

What Happened To These Characters In To All The Boys?

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***WARNING! major spoilers for all three To All The Boys movies***

The last movie in the To All The Boys trilogy is here. And although we found out what happens with Peter and Lara Jean, we were left wondering what happened to a few characters that we met along the way.

Here’s what happened to some major characters in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before..

What happened to John Ambrose McClaren?

One of the surprising characters missing for To All The Boys: Always and Forever was John Ambrose McClaren.

John Ambrose was one of Lara Jean’s crushes who received a love letter from her. He was a really important character in the second movie PS. I Still Love You where he was a serious contender for Lara Jean’s love after she and Peter briefly broke up. Alas, LJ realised that it was Peter who she wanted to be with and the love triangle was resolved.

So, what happed to John Ambrose?

In the third movie we never actually find out. John Ambrose is not in Always and Forever and he’s not even mentioned…ouch!

This IS surprising as John Ambrose does make an appearance in the third book. He and Lara Jean briefly meet at a college party where we find out that John Ambrose got into the same college as Lara Jean and that he now has a girlfriend.

Apparently film makers wanted to focus on the relationship between Lara Jean and Peter only in Always and Forever. And as far as they were concerned John Ambrose’s storyline had concluded in the second movie.

We can kinda see where they were coming from, but it still would have been nice to have had a brief appearance in Always And Forever.

Some fans have been calling for a 4th To All The Boys movie where Lara Jean and Ambrose get together at college…so who knows what the future might hold!

What happened to Josh Sanderson?

Another one of Lara Jean’s crushes who fell off the face of the earth in To All The Boys?…Josh Sanderson.

At the beginning of the To All The Boys movies, Josh is Lara Jean’s best friend and neighbour. He also happens to be dating LJ’s older sister, Margot. Lara Jean had a major crush on Lucas but knew nothing could happen as he was dating Margot. Then Margot and Lucas broke up because Margot was attending college in Scotland and Lucas received Lara Jean’s love letter things got really complicated. Gosh, that was complicated!

In the end, Lara Jean got together with Peter and we never heard about Josh again…despite being Lara Jean’s neighbour, friend since childhood and in her school.

Again, you could make the argument that Josh’s storyline was complete, but he was a pivotal figure in Lara Jean’s life, it was weird that he was never mentioned again.

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Another issue was the actor who played Josh. Just after the first movie was released fans found a series of old tweets of his promoting racist and homophobic rhetoric.

There had been rumours that Josh would make an appearance in the third movie but he did not return.

What happened to Stormy?

Another pivotal character from P.S I Still Love You missing from Always and Forever is Stormy.

Stormy was one of the residents in the nursing home that Lara Jean and John Ambrose volunteered in. Stormy was the person who gave LJ that gorgeous dress for the dance but we never find out anymore about Stormy and how she’s doing these days as she isn’t mentioned in the third movie.

The reason why we probably don’t is aagin down to timing and the fact that the books and the movies are completely different when it comes to Stormy. In the book Stormy is John Ambrose’s grandmother! And unfortunately towards the end of the third book Stormy passes away. Lara Jean organises a memorial for Stormy at Belleview, which John Ambrose attends and shares a brief moment with Lara Jean as they bond over their grief.

Seeing as Stormy is not mentioned in the movie Always and Forever we can just assume that she’s still living her best badass life in the nursing home.

Now you know what happened to the characters in To All The Boys! Is there anyone you would have liked to see again in the movies?

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