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Confidence Hacks

Confidence Hacks

Alannah Murray

Gaining confidence in yourself is a journey, and it is one that can take a while.

In the end it comes down to being able to love what you are insecure about in yourself and doing this is a lot easier said than done and can take time. But in the meantime, if you need little pointers on how to boost confidence, here are a few hacks that might just help.

Wear what makes you feel good

If it makes you feel good, WEAR IT. Don’t ever be forced into clothing that you just don’t feel yourself in. Wearing what feels like you and what you feel comfortable in will immediately get rid all those doubts of whether or not you look good, because you already know you do. If you don’t like the way something looks on you, if it’s just not you, don’t wear it.

Walk like you are the main character

This one cannot be stressed enough. Walking with confidence, will inevitably give you confidence. Walk like you are the star of your own movie, in the peak of your montage. Put on a playlist that makes you walk with a stride and keep your head high. Don’t hunch over, don’t make yourself small instead stand up straight and take up room. Let your coat swivel. And even if you don’t, act as if you know exactly where you are going. This will give you a confidence boost I am sure


Dancing not only releases strong serotonin, which is a happiness hormone which will make you feel better, but dancing can just feel freeing and exhilarating and if you do it with the right music it’ll help with that small confidence boost. Play a song you adore, the song that just gets you pumped loudly in your earphones and dance the insecurities away. It can just be a way to let loose as well, shake away the cobwebs and the doubts.

Stick notes on mirrors

I know it’s a cliché, but by putting up small notes on mirrors, on message boards, your phone screensaver or anywhere that you would be likely to look at, with small messages of confidence, can really really help. The constant reminders of confidence that you end up seeing all over the place can seriously just start to re-iterate that you are in fact a bad “b” and you are a good-looking one at that.

Hype yourself up

Hyping yourself up, even when you are not fully sure you believe what you are saying can help with confidence. Say ‘I am great’ or ‘I am beautiful’ or whatever small thing you need to give you a vote of confidence. Say it, yell it, scream it, and scream it until it’s loud enough that you can truly hear it. And if you don’t think it’ll work, did you know that the brain cant tell the difference between sarcasm and real speaking? So, technically if you say ‘I’m confident’ enough times, even if you are not sure, it will sink in eventually.

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And as they say, fake it until you make it!

Have you any confidence hacks?

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