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Dear Katie: Do you have any tips for dealing with stress during exam season?

Dear Katie: Do you have any tips for dealing with stress during exam season?

Katie Harrington

Dear Katie,
I’m in 6th year and I’m starting to feel really stressed about the Leaving Cert , especially with everything going on. Do you have any simple tips for dealing with stress during exam season?
Dear Aoife,
Below I have listed some simple tips and tricks to deal with exam stress and feeling overwhelmed during exam season:

  1. Let someone else make a cup of tea for you
  2. Hug someone close to you; dog, cat, mam, dad, sibling, gran etc
  3. Take a walk in the fresh air
  4. Put on a nice facemask
  5. Get your nails done
  6. Take a long hot shower/ bubble bath
  7. Listen to your favourite album/ artist
  8. Watch your favourite movie
  9. Get new pyjamas
  10. Eat your favourite food/ Treat yourself to your favourite takeaway
  11. Do some exercise; go for a run, go to the gym, take a dance class etc
  12. Go for a coffee with a friend
  13. Read a book
  14. Treat yourself to that top that has been sitting in your shopping basket for months
  15. Colour a page of a stress relieving colouring book
  16. Light a nicely scented candle
  17. Cuddle up with a nice hot water bottle
  18. Put fresh sheets on your bed
  19. Get a new shampoo
  20. Take a yoga class or try it yourself at home
  21. Try doing something new that you wouldn’t normally do such as taking a dance/gym class, going for a run/walk
  22. Bake something nice
  23. Try writing how your feeling down on a page (if it would be helpful, tear up that piece of paper and throw it away)
  24. Write down 10 positive things
  25. Take a nap (stress can make you extremely exhausted. After a short power nap, you will be fresh and able to think clearly again)
  26. Watch an episode of Friends; it’s light, funny and it’s sure to brighten your mood
  27. Give yourself a few minutes to think about plans for after the exams. Having something to look forward to will keep you focused on your exams
  28. Take regular breaks, your brain can only learn so much at one time
  29. Enjoy regular healthy snacks. Your brain is a muscle so it needs to be treated like one. Your brain gets tired too and uses lots of energy so don’t forget to refuel during particularly gruelling study sessions
  30. Lastly, just BREATHE! No matter how stressed or overwhelmed you’re feeling, you can always ask someone for help. Talking about these feelings can help but also remember, you can and you will get through it.

One, some or all of these help me when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed during exam season and just in life in general. Everyone feels like this at some point, it’s natural especially during exam season. Always stop and think, if it’s not going to matter in five years, don’t let it worry you for five minutes.
Katie x

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