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Dear Katie: I’m Really Stressed About The Mocks

Dear Katie: I’m Really Stressed About The Mocks

Katie Harrington

Dear Katie,
The mocks are coming up soon and I’m really nervous. I don’t feel prepared enough and I’m stressed.
Dear Reader,
I know from experience that this can feel like a stressful time but just remember to breathe.
First and foremost exam times put a lot of pressure on you mentally and physically. Your body is a machine so don’t forget to fuel it properly, especially when your brain is using up so much energy. Take regular breaks, choose healthy snacks, drink plenty of water and get fresh air. They sound like simple things but when you’re overwhelmed with exam stress, these are the most easily forgotten tips.
Don’t forget that the mocks are just a trial run for the real thing so don’t get too bogged down in how they go. Use them as a learning curve to see how much work you need to do. Keep in mind that most of your courses won’t be completed by the time of the mocks so you’re not equipped with all of the tools to answer all of the exam questions to your full standard.
If you are feeling stressed, go for a walk to get fresh air and clear your head. Hug your dog, cat, mam, dad, sister, gran, whoever’s closest to you. When someone offers to make you a cup of tea, let them and eat that chocolate biscuit without feeling guilty because you deserve it.
Just remember during your mocks that it’s not the real thing and you still have months to prepare and improve. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. After-all you talk the most to yourself, so always be kind and encouraging.
Katie x
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