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Easy Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Easy Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Jessie Bennett

Halloween is fast approaching and if, like us, you’ve left things to the last-minute, these easy to replicate group costume ideas might be for you!

Group Halloween Costume

Squid Game Guards

There’s no doubt that Squid Game is THE Netflix show of the year this year. The uniforms the guards wear is particularly easy to recreate. Grab a red hoodie, and a black mask and you’re pretty much good to go! Don’t forget to draw on a square, triangle or circle depending on your rank within the group!

Easy Halloween Costume

Squid Game Contestants

Why not go out in comfort by dressing up as the Squid Game contestants? A blue tracksuit with a number stuck on to the top and you’ve got yourself an easy but topical costume! Depending on what stage of the game you’re at, you can add fake blood or bruising with makeup.

Group Halloween costume

The Babysitters Club

We love the Netflix remake of The Babysitters Club and think it would make a cute and very easy group Halloween costume! You can use your own clothes, and channel the characters’ personalities with accessories like headbands, books, jewellery etc.

Only Murders in the Building Halloween Costume

Only Murders In The Building Trio

The 3 main characters in Disney+ hit show, Only Murders in the Building would make a great Halloween costume for a small group! Like the babysitters club, you (or someone in your house) probably has the main components to bring Mabel, Oliver and Charles to life.

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Halloween Costume for Groups

Sabrina Spellman and The Weird Sisters

Why not channel your inner modern witch and dress up as Sabrina, Prudence, Rosalind and Agatha from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? All you really need is a long-sleeved dress, tights, black shoes and lace collars. Oh, and a headband for whoever is going as Sabrina!

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