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Fitness Challenges You Could Start This Summer

Fitness Challenges You Could Start This Summer

Anna Powell

Lacking on your fitness game and looking for a new challenge this summer? Well then look no further as we have a bunch of fun and challenging ideas listed below. All of the challenges listed below can be completed at your own leisure throughout the day.


Couch to 5k Challenge

Why not try and complete the couch to 5k challenge this summer? This structured programme helps you to improve your running abilities so that you can learn to run a distance of 5k.  This plan consists of 30 minute runs, three times a week over an 8 week period.


You can access this app through the App Store/Playstore on your phone. The app format of the plan requires you to pay a fee in order to have access to the full plan. However you can also access a podcasted version of the plan for free through the iTunes Store. This is a great challenge to consider starting this summer as it will allow you to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air after spending so much time indoors throughout the winter.


 A Few Benefits of Running

  • Running improves your cardiovascular health
  • Running is a great way to reduce stress and boost your mood
  • Running can help to increase bone density and can help to build muscular strength



Why not try and implement yoga into your routine this summer? Yoga with Adriene on YouTube provides a multitude of 30 day challenges to complete on her channel. Her channel also offers a free calendar to download that will help you to keep track of your commitment to the challenge. 


A Few Benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga helps you to improve your strength, flexibility and balance 
  • The practice of yoga can be a great mindfulness tool and can help improve your mental health
  • Yoga can help to improve your posture


A Dip a Day

Have you ever thought about challenging yourself to go for a dip in the local lake? Submerging yourself in cool water can be so good for your mental health and such a great opportunity to refresh yourself throughout the day. Why not challenge yourself to go for a quick swim every day in your local lake for a month straight? Similarly, if you do not have access to a local lake, why not challenge yourself to have a cold shower every day.


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A Few Benefits of Swimming in the outdoor

  • This challenge builds up your resilience as it can be mentally tough to have a dip in cold water every day.
  • Cold water can help to increase blood flow and circulation throughout the body.
  • Cold water can also help to reduce muscle pain and reduce inflammation in the body. 


Home workout challenge

You could try a home workout challenge this summer. I recommend Caroline Girvan’s channel on YouTube. Caroline Gurvan is a fitness trainer from Northern Ireland. She provides lots of different 30 day weight lifting and cardio challenges that you can complete from the comfort of your own home. She has lots of different series such as the Epic, Iron and Fuel programmes. Each programme on her channel comes with a free calendar that you can download to keep track of your progress


A Few Benefits of Weight Lifting and Cardio Workouts

  • Improvement of heart health
  • Helps to increase your strength 
  • Lowers the risk of injury 

Are you going to try a fitness challenge this summer?

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