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Our Favourite Healthy (and filling!) School Snacks

Our Favourite Healthy (and filling!) School Snacks

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We’ve all been there. Midway through double maths your eyes begin to droop, stomach growling and mind wandering – the slump. And while chomping on a quick Freddo bar may give you a burst of much needed energy, it’s short term relief which, we know from experience, can leave you feeling even more groggy than before.


Below are our top five yummy school snacks to munch on that will give you that boost of energy you need to get through the day.



Apple and Peanut Butter

Perhaps the original school snack, and we still can’t get enough of it. The sweet crunch of apple against the thick peanut butter is a match made in heaven.

While the apple gives you a burst of energy from the sugar content, the peanut butter provides you with healthy fats and protein which not only keeps you full for longer, but also gives you a big boost of energy.

Just one thing to keep in mind is that unfortunately nuts are one of the foods which people can have severe allergic reactions to, so just make sure that none of your classmates have allergies to peanut butter before you bring the snack in. Otherwise, enjoy!

Vegetables and Hummus

This is a great option for a snack, as you can swap out which vegetable you use as dippers whenever you find yourself getting bored of the combination.

Hummus is made from a mix of chickpeas, tahini, garlic and herbs, and its name actually means ‘chickpeas’ in Arabic, showing how important those beans are to its recipe! Hummus is a great source of nutrients, with a high amount of fibre and vitamin B6. It is also a very good source of protein and will give you energy for hours after you eat it. Naturally, the vegetable dippers are a great source of vitamins too, with carrots, celery, cucumber and bell peppers all being great options to use. Of course, if vegetables aren’t your thing, pita bread or crackers work just as well.

Tesco offer a wide range of hummus; costing around €1 each there is a selection of low fat, tradition, organic, chilli and Moroccan hummus to choose from. The possibly combinations of dip and dippers are endless!


Seriously. There’s never a day goes by where there’s not a banana in our work bag.

Bananas have great nutritious value, with high levels of potassium, vitamins and proteins. The composition of bananas change depending on how ripe the banana is; the greener it is the higher the starch content is, while the riper it gets the more percentage of that starch is converted to sugars. The sugar within the banana is slow-releasing, so will keep you going for far longer than a sugar-rush of chocolate or sweets. 

Another reason why we love bananas is that unlike other fruit or vegetables, there’s (obviously) zero prep needed, and their shelf life of a week (more if they’re stored in a fridge) means you won’t wake up one morning and find they’ve all suddenly gone off – many a time our sad experience with berries.

Energy Balls

Energy Balls are the next biggest thing, with celebrities around the world singing their praises for them. Energy Balls are great, as they’re so simple and quick to make, but taste amazing.

See Also

There’s a huge range of recipes online, so you’re sure to find one you adore. Peanut butter is often a popular ingredient in many recipes as it is so high in protein, but even if nuts aren’t your thing there’s loads of other options open to you, from cinnamon apple energy balls, to a courgette recipe – the possibilities are endless.

Energy balls are perfect for those hectically busy days, as you can munch one just going between classes. 

Overnight Oats

Oats are a lifesaver. Although they’re normally seen as a breakfast food, they can just as easily be used as lunch, or school snack!

Like the name suggestions, overnight oats are made the night before, and then left to mix overnight. Made up of 66% starch, oats are one of the best foods for keeping you full longer, and act as a slow-releasing energy source. Just like with energy balls, there are so many overnight oats recipes to choose from.

The BBC Good Foods webpage has a fab collection of recipes to pick, including ‘Carrot Cake Overnight Oats’, ‘Black Forest Bircher’, and ‘Peanut butter Overnight Oats’. Yum. Overnight oats are super quick and easy to make and can be carried around in your bag in just a normal air-tight container. Don’t worry about any leaks, overnight the oats soak up the liquid you add so by the morning it has the consistency similar to porridge. Only tasting way better – we promise.

What’s your favourite healthy school snack? Let us know your favourite healthy school snack!

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