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How To Survive Your Period At School

How To Survive Your Period At School

Sorcha Kennedy

Let’s be real, periods are the worst! There is honestly nothing worse than struggling with a painful period, especially during school. But, I’m here to pass on the wisdom I’ve gathered over the past 6 years.

First and foremost it’s important to remember that you should not be ashamed of your period! They are normal and natural, so don’t be embarrassed. Secondly, everyone’s periods are different so these hacks may not work for you. But hopefully, my tips will set you on the right path!

The “Emergency” Pack

Every year I had an “emergency” pack in my locker and it was definitely worth it. This can be just a simple bag/box at the back of your locker and in your bag, filled with essentials. Of course, firstly you should include a lot of spared pads/tampons. This is both for yourself and for others. In school it’s basically a daily occurrence that someone is asking for a spare, so it’s great to have them. Plus, you’ll never be stuck without one!

Then I also included some paracetamol for unexpected cramps, as well as things like a mini bottle of perfume and deodorant. Including simple things like this that make you feel better is always a good way to go!

We recently had an article about what to do if you get your very first period in school. It’s nothing to panic about at all, but it will definitely be made easier if you have an emergency pack ready to go.

See our TikTok video on how to make an emergency kit.

Super Food & Drinks

Different foods and drinks can affect your symptoms in different ways. You should definitely bring extra water to school during your period, as it’s a proven remedy. Include a banana and some pineapple in your lunch that day, as well as some dark chocolate as a treat! You should try and avoid sugary drinks and coffee for a few days, and try and turn to herbal tea instead. These simple lunch changes should make the day a little more bareable!

Support Your Friends

It’s so important to support those around you that also have periods. The comfort of friends can always help you feel better, even if you are feeling irritable that day! You should always open up to your friends about your struggles, especially when it comes to periods, and encourage them to do the same. That way, they will know when you are feeling a little more down than usual and can give you extra love!

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Extra Pain Relief

In my experience, some days the pain can be extra intense and unfortunately you can’t always take the day off. For me, it always seemed to happen during exam season or during extra stressful times. My secret to survival is heat pads!

We couldn’t have hot water bottles until last year so before that, I would swear by heat pads. You don’t have to heat them up or recharge them so they’re more convenient in school. You can wrap them around the sore area and they will automatically heat up. I would wear mine under my jumper and you couldn’t even tell I had it, definitely a lifesaver!

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