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How To Live With Challenging College Roommates

How To Live With Challenging College Roommates

Caoimhe Mahon

So you’ve been allocated an apartment, you’ve decorated your room and let’s face it you’ve created an Insta worthy dorm room but now you’ve to meet the roommates.

You might be lucky enough to get a lovely, funny bunch who will become friends maybe even an extended family. However, at least once in our college career we’ll more than likely have to share an apartment with someone who is far from your wavelength.

There is nothing worse than attempting to dodge them in the hallway or darting into the kitchen when you hear them leave.

So, how do we deal with college roommate problems?

Why the clash ?

It might be easier to try and identify exactly why the clash is happening.

  • Is it something to do with house keeping?
  • Do habits cause irritation?
  • Is there a lack of talking points or things in common?

Identifying the issue can really help in more than one way.

Perhaps the issue can be resolved, maybe it can be viewed as something that is not personal or a form of miscommunication.

Compromise is key

Let’s face it, we are not going to get on well with everyone. We are not going to want to be friends with everyone and not everyone is going to want to be friends with us. As harsh as that sounds, it’s true and it’s a damn good thing to remember.

This does not mean we need to be rude, exclusive or bitchy to someone instead we can compromise, after all you will be sharing a house together for the next 9 months to a year.

If they are having guests over who are not really your cup of tea just think how would I like my friends to be treated when they came over?

Perhaps they are not pulling their weight, rather than going mad how about suggesting a fair and balanced rota.

If you find yourselves both battling for the kitchen or living room space decide to come up with a schedule, a plan and yes, you’ve guessed it, a compromise.

To talk it out or not to talk it out

This is a really important thing.

Try not to lose your head, instead stop and think, take a breath even remove yourself and then come back to the situation. You don’t want to risk bringing up something, which really doesn’t need to be discussed especially in the heat of the moment.

However, sometimes things are unfair, uncomfortable and just downright awkward so the only way to help is to talk things out. It might sound cringe and unbearable but it will help so much.

Get things out into the open and try to create a civil environment where you can both live.

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Be Civil

Like I said you don’t have to be friends but like it or not you are roommates so you need to be civil.

If you are treating that person the same way you would like to be treated then all is well.

Plan to go out and visit family, friends or even have some you time to get breaks from the house.

Invite your people over to socialise to make the space feel lively.

Create a safe, homely space that is yours in your room to become your safe haven.

We’ve all been there and it is awful but try these simple but effective tips so you can still enjoy living in that space.

Have you ever had to deal with college roommate problems?

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