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4 Items That Will Make College Life Easier…

4 Items That Will Make College Life Easier…

Jessie Bennett
Items for College

Whether you’re starting your first year at college or university, or heading back for another year of your degree, you need these 4 items to make college life that little bit easier…

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is key, especially when you’re in college and running between lecture halls that are often (annoyingly) in different buildings. A nice water bottle kept on you at all times will remind you to stay hydrated. Most college campuses will have water fountains to allow you to top it up throughout the day. Sustainable AND saving money, what more could you want?


Possibly the biggest change from secondary school to college is the fact that you have a lot more responsibility when it comes to time management. There’s no teacher or parents to hold you accountable, and definitely no supervised study or homework club. You need to keep on top of your work, which is where a planner comes in! From noting when essays are due, to important exam dates, a planner can help you track and keep on top of anything that needs to be done throughout the academic year.

Card Holder

Purses are great, but when you’re hopping on and off of buses or the luas, or using your student ID for pretty much everything on campus ,fumbling around with your purse can become a pain. Which is where a cardholder comes in. Hold your debit card, student ID, and travel pass all in the one place!

A Backpack

Different to a schoolbag but not quite a handbag, a backpack is your best bet when it comes to college. Whilst you probably won’t have as many books in college or uni, you’ll probably be bringing your laptop or tablet with you everyday, as well as the other essentials we’ve listed so far. Keep everything safe in a cute backpack!

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