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How To Do Soap Brows, The Hottest New Brow Trend

How To Do Soap Brows, The Hottest New Brow Trend

Róisín Lynch

Brow trends, they are ever changing.

The latest brow trend currently making its rounds on instagram is soap brows. Bold, full brows (such as HD brows) dominated the 2010s. Soap brows are looking like the look of the 2020s. We aren’t complaining though, look how they gorgeous they look!

Here is your guide to everything Soap brow related. Where they came from, how to get them and our favourite products to help you achieve the best soap brow look!

So what are soap brows and where did they come from?

You may have seen soap brows popping up on your social media feeds a lot more lately. This brow look is quickly becoming popular with many celebrities jumping on board as well. Hailey Baldwin and Madison Beer have been seen rocking them recently.

The trend is actually an old Hollywood trick that has resurfaced in recent years. It involves using soap (hence the name!) and an eyebrow brush to create the ultimate fluffy brow.  The soap creates a full, feather look that eyebrow gel alone can’t achieve. Softer, more natural makeup is the theme of the 2020s and soap brows compliment this makeup style perfectly. They are light and elegant and add character to any and all face shapes!

The soap contains a fat called glycerin that coats the surface of the hairs to keep them in place. While it doesn’t tint your eyebrow hair, it works a charm at keeping your desired brow shape in place! What’s great is that it is super cheap as well. Forget expensive brow shaping products, a bar of soap from your local Tesco or pharmacy will do the trick!

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Is there risk of skin irritation?

There is no way of saying that using soap on your brows is 100% safe for everyone and won’t cause a reaction, as everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to different products. That said, if you have normal skin that doesn’t usually have a reaction to sanitary products, using a soap bar on your brows to keep them in place shouldn’t cause a reaction.

What do you need for soap brows?

First and kind of obviously, you are going to need soap. We would urge you to avoid the bar of soap that has been sitting on your shower shelf for the past decade. Go for a soap that has moisturising qualities, as it will be kindest to your skin. Something along the lines of this Dove Beauty Bar Cream or Pear’s Hand Soap.

Secondly, you will need a spoolie.

Alternatively, you can use products that have been made specifically to create soap brows. We love west barn co.’s Soap Brows as well as bPerfect Indestructi’ Brow Soap Brows or Revolution Soap Styler Brow.

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How to create the look

  • Start by spraying your spoolie with facial mist to dampen the bristles (around 5 sprays should do it!)
  • Rub the bristles of your brush against the bar of your soap. Start with a little bit and work your way up until you find what creates the best look for you. You don’t want to gather too much soap and end up with over waxed eyebrows!
  • Comb your soaped up spoolie through your brow hairs, shaping your eyebrows how you want them to set.
  • Time to style! Wait a few minutes for the soap to dry in and set. Once the soap has set, use your go to eyebrow products (such as a brow pencil) to fill in sparse areas.
  • Walk with confidence through the rest of your day knowing you have killer looking brows!

Check out Linda Hallberg’s Tutorial

Swedish makeup artist Linda Hallberg has a great soap brow tutorial on her YouTube channel. She is well known across social media for her strong arches, so you can definitely take brow advice from her!

Will you be jumping on the soap brow bandwagon?

Get the lashes to go with your new brows, check out 7 tried and tested methods for longer lashes!

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