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How To Have A Glow-up

How To Have A Glow-up

Team Missy

If you’ve been feeling a little down lately, a little sluggish a little moody or just a bit crap, there are simple ways to have a quick glow-up just to feel a bit better in yourself, mind and body.
Here are some ways you can glow-up.

Clean your room.

Clean spaces are perfect for changing the mindset and the mood. A clean room can make the world of difference to your mindset. It also gives a sense of fulfilment when you’ve spent a while on something and can now physically see the difference.

Watch documentaries

Knowledge is power.
Netflix has a wide range of documentaries on all sorts of topics and by watching interesting factual programmes you feel like you have bettered yourself. You suddenly know a little more than you did forty minutes ago and that’s an accomplishment.

Eat cleaner

Don’t detox and put your body through hell just to go back to your old ways when you realise that a detox is not feasible. Just have a good balance with food. Try to start bulk cooking for lunch and make sure that you still give yourself moments of indulgence.

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Break a sweat.

Working out, whether it be a class, a walk or the gym boosts your moods and your confidence. If you have any anxiety about the gym or classes, remember that everyone is focused on themselves, that they don’t notice anything else happening around them.
If you want to try some at-home workouts, we have a few suggestions.

Try a new style.

Go to the hairdressers and give yourself a proper pamper. Try a new hairstyle, get it cut, dye it a different colour. Do something that you wouldn’t usually do. The whole point of a glow-up is to feel better, to do things differently.

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