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How To Use Dry Shampoo Properly

How To Use Dry Shampoo Properly

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Dry Shampoo has been a saviour on many occasions. From cutting down shower time to helping us get through the rest of our day post workout, dry shampoo is definitely a stable in most bathroom cabinets. But a lot of us don’t know how to properly use dry shampoo.
Dry shampoo is used to soak up sebum in our scalp, which is what causes our hair to appear greasy. Sebum is completely normal, it’s just our hairs natural oils making themselves known. Greasy hair can effect our confidence, and this is where dry shampoo comes in. However, we can only enjoy the benefits when we know how to properly use dry shampoo. 

Here’s How To Use Dry Shampoo Properly :

Spray It From Afar

Dry shampoo has a powder-y texture, if you spray it too close to your hair, it will give you a white wet looking sheen that can be hard to brush out. Instead, hold the can at least 15cm away. 

Spray It All Over

Some people think a spritz on the roots on the top of your head is all you need with dry shampoo but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, you should be sectioning off your hair and spraying it at the roots in each section. This helps soak up excess sebum throughout your whole head of hair, giving a fresher look. 
It’s really important to brush the dry shampoo through your hair. By not doing so, you’ll get a lot of build-up which is never nice. 


Massage It In

Once you’ve applied your dry shampoo properly, let it sit for a few seconds and then get massaging your scalp. This will help the product absorb. 
how to use dry shampoo properly

Brush, Brush, Brush

Blow Dry Your Hair

Once you’ve applied your dry shampoo, give it a going over with the hair dryer. “This will help distribute the product away from the scalp and a little into the mid-lengths.” Celeb hairdresser Daniel Martin told FLARE. 

Use It At Night

Dry shampoo can be applied at any time, you know your hair and its greasy levels best. A top tip, though, is to use it at night. As you sleep your hair will absorb the product, the product will absorb the grease and you’ll wake up with a refreshed head of hair. Genius! 


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Use It Sparingly

Dry shampoo is not a replacement for good personal hygiene and shouldn’t be used in place of a shower or bath. Instead, dry shampoo should only be used a few days a week when your hair is at its greasiest. This will help avoid build-up. If you use dry shampoo to help increase volume in your hair, try introducing a gentle cleansing shampoo into your routine. 

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