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How To Protect Heat Damaged Hair

How To Protect Heat Damaged Hair

Sophie Coffey

Most of us are guilty of overusing heat tools on our hair as styling aids! Frequent use of high temperatures on your hair can damage it leading to weak damaged hair and split ends. Cutting the harmed hair off is the best way to completely eliminate any damaged areas but it is also rather drastic! For some practical and helpful tips, we have created a guide to get your hair back on track and keep it healthy!

Damage Control!

Give it a break!

Like the rest of your body, your hair needs a break every now and then to rejuvenate. Lockdown is the perfect opportunity to relax your usage of heat styling products. Put the straightener and curler away for a while and only use a hair dryer when essential. A perk of the warmer weather is that allowing your hair to dry naturally will not result in you freezing to death!

Source Alternatives

We know that the temptation to straighten or curl your hair might be hard to resist but there are alternatives that do not involve the use of high temperatures. Try out sprays and mousses that will reduce frizz and smooth out your wavy hair or control your curls instead of frequently styling it. Certain oils are fantastic for frizz prone hair and this OGX Argan Oil is perfect. Curly hair is made easier with this fantastic curl reviver mousse.
Or why not try out our Heatless Curls Hack!

Hair masks

One of my favourite things about hair masks is that they can be chosen to suit your personal requirements. In this case carefully read the ingredients list and note your own hair type to gain the most benefit. We love the Garnier collection of Ultimate Blends Hair Food masks! The wide range means there are options for every hair type but their Papaya and Alma lightweight mask is specially formulated to nourish damaged hair. Homemade hair masks are also another cheaper option and they can be highly effective at strengthening your hair.

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Brush tangles gently

Frankly, I think there should be a specific term for the unique type of pain that is tugging a knot out of your hair! In a hurry or with built up frustration we tend to tug at the knots until they come loose. However, this only damages your hair further and intensifies split ends caused by heat damaged strands. A wide tooth comb is particularly helpful for detangling stubborn knots without destroying your hair.
If you know you are going to be exercising or out in the wind, then consider tying your hair up or plaiting it to reduce knots. This also works for sleeping so that when you wake up there is no requirement for spending ages detangling your personal birds’ nest!

Be careful with towel drying

t might seem like a good idea to replace your hair dryer with a towel in order to prevent heat damage, but towel drying is often quite rough on your hair. Hair harmed by heat is already more fragile so vigorously towel drying it will only incur further damage. Leave your hair to dry naturally where possible or gently run a soft towel or turban through it.

Long-term love for your locks

Choose shampoos and conditioners specifically

The sheer quantity of different options for shampoos and conditioners is huge. The benefit of this is that there are options out there formulated with the protection of your heat damaged locks in mind. Again, take note of the ingredients. If your hair is dry and dehydrated due to heat damage, then this Aussie shampoo is perfect for you  However, if split ends and breakage are your concern it may require products to strengthen and nourish it like this Herbal Essences shampoo.

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Use with caution in future

Let’s be honest, it is highly improbable that you will completely eradicate your use of your curler or straightener – I know I won’t! Taking certain precautions will allow you to use them without ruining your hair. When you do use your styling appliances consider trying lightweight gels or sprays to extend the durability of your style and maximise the benefit of a single use. This way you can reduce the use of these heat products but not scrimp on the benefits.
The other obvious – though worthwhile – recommendation is to reduce the temperature. Cooling down the appliance lessens the concentration of heat on your hair and decreases damage.

Invest in a heat protection spray

Instead of waiting for your hair to be damaged and then scrambling to find a solution, use one of these heat protection sprays to protect your hair. This should reduce the chance of damage in the future and help you maintain your strong and healthy hair.

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Have you any tips for heat damaged hair?

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