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How To Shop More Sustainably

How To Shop More Sustainably

Róisín Lynch

Shopping, we all love it! Especially online shopping. There’s just something so exciting about ordering a package and waiting for it to arrive!

However, a lot of our go to shopping methods these days have a negative impact on the environment. But don’t worry there are ways to keep shopping while also being kind to the environment!

Here are some tips on how to shop sustainably…

Buy second hand

Buying second hand clothes has never been easier thanks to online stores such as Depop and the clothes are usually super fashionable too! The damage that manufacturing and shipping new clothes has on the environment is colossal, and in a lot of cases unethical too. Trying out sites like Depop is a great way of still getting the clothes you love without having to hurt the environment!

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Try use less waste

Often times in super markets and shops in general the things we buy are wrapped in a lot of unnecessary plastic, instead try and go to local health food stores, if it’s food you are buying and bring your own container with you. When you are clothes shopping think twice about whether you really need that plastic bag or not. These things may seem small but if everyone did it,  it could have a very positive impact on the environment!

Shop online wisely

You don’t have to completely stop shopping online. There are websites that allow for more ethical and environmentally friendly shopping so give them a try instead of your usual online shops. is a great example, they have everything from kitchen and home ware, health and beauty items, and eco-friendly gifts as well!

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Try organic make-up products

When it comes to makeup we usual have specific brands we like, but if you do a little bit of research you might find that those brands aren’t all that great for the environment or animals either! Try more organic, cruelty-free products instead. There are loads out there such as Lush, and Tan Organic.

By doing a little research you will find that you don’t have to give up your favourite products to help the environment you might just need to make a little change or two!

Have you any other ideas on how to shop sustainably?

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