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Listen Here Missy Ep. 3: Everything Wrong With The Kissing Booth 3

Listen Here Missy Ep. 3: Everything Wrong With The Kissing Booth 3

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How’s that for symmetry…for episode 3 of Listen Here Missy we’re chatting about The Kissing Booth 3.

While the Netflix original movies are very popular, we have quite a few issues with the movie. So, you have been warned and also spoilers aplenty…

Listen Here Missy Podcast Episode 3 – The Kissing Booth 3

0:00 – 2.36 Danielle discusses her internal monolog that she has going when she’s driving in her car. The girls also discuss how they might be slightly telepathic when it comes to their nail designs…

2:55 – 5:41 Jessie talks about her near nervous breakdown trying to get episode 2 of the podcast out.

7:05 – 10:39 The topic of the week is of course the release of The Kissing Booth 3…Danielle and Jessie have thoughts and feelings that they need to talk about. Spoilers ahead and if you’re a fan please be warned. If you love it, great. We have no issue with people who enjoy the movie, they’re meant to be a bit of fluff, but they have some problematic themes that we felt were worth discussing. Danielle particular is not a fan, which is surprising when she really likes teen movies in general.

11:14 the girls talk about some trivia about The Kissing Booth.

14:20 the talk turns to the fact that the author wrote the story when she was 15 and that viewing relationships through the prism of teen expectations of romance makes the story very dated and quite toxic in how it deals with friendships and relationship. Jessie and Danielle ponder who the movie was actually made for.

23:20 talk turns to Joey and Jacob dating and how awkward it must have been for them to work together after breaking up.

28:55 Danielle thinks the worst thing in the movie is Lee, so the conversation turns to toxic friends.

42:32 Danielle reacts live to the ending of the movie.

49:43 the girls talk about Elle finally standing up for herself and why confrontation doesn’t have to be aggressive and the life lessons we can learn from that.

51:51 Jessie wonders about how appealing Noah actually is when it comes to film boyfriends. Danielle talks about shipping toxic relationships.

1:04 after all that ranting the girls wrap up the episode pondering what Netflix will come with next when it comes to teen movies.

Thanks for listening!

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