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Listen Here Missy Episode 1: Teen Magazines, Jedward and Teletext

Listen Here Missy Episode 1: Teen Magazines, Jedward and Teletext

Team Missy

We’re so excited that our new podcast is finally here! Thank you so much to everyone who has already listened. The community truly is the best!

Listen Here Missy will be a continuation of where we’ll be chatting about everything that makes up teen life in Ireland; from school, to friendships woes, to periods and sex ed plus everything in between – basically everything you already love about but in a podcast format that you can listen to wherever and whenever you want.

We’ll also be discussing all the latest celebrity news and gossip. And giving some recommendations when it comes to TV Shows, books and music. Just basically having a good ol’ chat amongst friends about anything and everything!

Listen Here Missy is hosted by Danielle Mahoney, Founder & Editor of, and Jessie Bennett,’s Social Media Manager. We’ll also have some guests popping in from time to time as well as contributions from the rest of Team Missy.

Here’s everything you can find in the first episode of Listen Here Missy

Listen Here Missy Episode 1

0:57 Danielle and Jessie try to get over the awkwardness of doing an intro and somehow end up chatting about Jedward.

4:32 chats about first concerts; Jessie was a bit older when she went to her first concert but Danielle did the rounds with every 90’s/00’s band going.

8:47 the gals chat about the importance of teen magazines, the teen magazines they used to buy and the impact that those magazines had on them growing up and their subsequent career choices.

19:55 Danielle talks about how she was always into entertainment news and used to rely on the teletext for the latest celeb gossip back in the Dark Ages before high-speed broadband.

21:29 the girls chat about what they learned from teen magazines growing up and why you should never, ever use a sandwich bag as a substitute for condom….

28:30 Jessie and Danielle talk about dealing with life as a teen and how they try tailor the content to readers today.

39:36 Jessie chats about her We’re All Friends Here segment on the Instagram and why important input from the community is so important.

43:48 and that’s the end of the first episode of Listen Here Missy, If you’d like to share an opinion on anything, have a dilemma or want us to cover anything in particular on the podcast you can email us

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Listen Here Missy will be available every Monday morning wherever you get your podcasts.

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