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Listen Here Missy Ep 2: Making New Friends, Friendship Icks and Toxic Friends

Listen Here Missy Ep 2: Making New Friends, Friendship Icks and Toxic Friends

Team Missy

The second episode of our new podcast, Listen Here Missy, is here!

Firstly, thank you so much for the support of the podcast so far. We really appreciate all the listens and how enthusiastic the response has been so far.

Here’s everything you can find in the second episode of Listen Here Missy

Listen Here Missy Episode 2

In episode 2 of Listen Here Missy Danielle and Jessie talk about friendship; how complex and all consuming teen friendships can be, toxic friends and how difficult friend fallouts are. The girls also answer some listener dilemmas about friends.

0:46 the girls sign on for a second episode and wonder what their collective name would be, this turns to talk of Bennifer 2.0.

2:05 Jessie talks about celebrating her Birthday, getting her first dose of the COVID-19 and the UNICEF campaign to fund vaccinations in poorer countries.

6:07 Danielle is not impressed with the new Cinderella trailer and the fact that James Corden is everywhere.

9:53 the topic of this week is…friendship and how complex they are, especially in your teen years.

12:30 the girls talk about how COVID has impacted friendships and the moral dilemma COVID also brought up.

13:48 Danielle talks about friendship icks…if that’s even a thing.

17:40 changing friendships are something that everyone experiences

20:10 Jessie and Danielle talk about the struggle of making new friends and what to do if you’re experiencing that. There’s an article on making friends here.

23:35 Danielle shares her regret of not socialising more and making friends outside her course in college.

24:29 why it’s always a good idea to have different groups of friends

25:20 the girls chat about a dilemma that a reader sent in about not being sure how to navigate two friendship groups.

30:35 another dilemma came into the show about toxic friends, which the girls briefly touch on but will be coming back to in the future on a full episode.

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