Loungewear Pieces You Can Actually Wear Outside And Not Look Like You’re Wearing Pyjamas

Team Missy

How many times have you been caught rapid by a visitor calling in when you’re in your pyjamas? Because sorry, as soon as we get home, comfies have to go on!
Well, we finally have a solution to the dilemma of wanting to be comfy at home but still look somewhat decent and not have to change if we need to run to Tesco. Enter, loungewear.

An ode to loungewear…

Now, some people will try say that loungewear still looks a bit like pyjamas, but we say that unless it has cute patterns on it, it’s totally fine and perfect to wear in public.
This Stripe Detail Lounge Set from Boohoo looks lovely and cosy. Another great option from Boohoo is this Lounge Set. It looks very sporty, so it definitely wont be confused with pyjamas.
This Rib and Repeat Knit Wide-Leg Lounge Set from Nasty Gal is one of our top picks. It looks very cosy and would be perfect for traveling on a long-haul flight.
Check out some of our other top picks below…
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