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Must Watch Christmas Ads of 2020

Must Watch Christmas Ads of 2020

Róisín Lynch

Nothing marks the beginning of the festive season like the magic of those first Christmas ads you see on your TV. From the iconic Coca- Cola holiday truck to the John Lewis ad that never fails to make everyone cry.

This year in particular we are all in need of a bit of magic and from the Christmas ads we’ve seen so far they have given us just that, with many pulling at our heartstrings as well. It has been a challenging year to say the least and so many of the Christmas ads this year are reigning in on what is really important, kindness and showing love to those closest to us.

Here is a breakdown of the 2020 Christmas ads that you should be keeping an eye out for! Warning: Keep a tissue handy!


Many of us have spent less time with our families this year than we would have liked and not giving someone you love a hug as an act of care has been a difficult concept to accept. If there is anything this year has taught us it is to not take for granted the simple things in life such as spending time with the ones you love. This is reiterated in this touching ad from Disney.


Amazon’s Christmas ad this year is definitely one that hits home. It tells the story of an aspiring dancer navigating the challenges and disappointments of 2020. Despite the recital that she has been working so hard for all year being cancelled, she finds a way to make the show go on…all thanks to an act of kindness from a stranger.

Waitrose and John Lewis

The ad that never fails to make us cry! Many of us eagerly await this ad every year and it usually never fails to pull at our heartstrings! This year John Lewis has joined forces with Waitrose to send home the message that something as simple as giving a little bit of love is what makes the world a better place.


Another ad that highlights the importance of kindness is this touching ad from woodies. Sending out the important message to make sure we look out for each other at Christmas time. See how a simple act of kindness can brighten up someone’s Christmas.


Titled “Inner Child”, The Mac Donald’s ad this year reminds us to unleash our inner child. The ad focuses on a single mum trying her best to get her grumpy teenager in the mood for Christmas but he keeps pushing his inner child away. Eventually, thanks to McDonald’s Reindeer treats he remembers his inner child and shows us how so much of the magic of Christmas lies in letting yourself feel like you are still a child!


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The SuperValu ad is another ad that highlights one of the most important lessons we have learnt this year and that is how important spending time with our loved ones really is. The ad showcases a young boy’s anxiety over whether or not “he” is still going to come this Christmas. With a nice twist at the end this ad will definitely pull at your heartstrings!


Aldi’s Christmas ad this year is a fun animation that follows Kevin the carrots difficult efforts to get home for Christmas. This one is sure to make you smile!


Last but definitely not least! It isn’t Christmas until you’ve seen the Coca – Cola holiday truck. This year the Coca-Cola ad highlights the importance of giving a gift to someone that only you can give. Just like many of the ads we’ve seen this year the simple gift of spending time with those you love is something that will definitely not be over looked this year.

Which Christmas ads do you think are the best in 2020? Let us know over on our Instagram!

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