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New year. Same me?

New year. Same me?

Team Missy

While a new year can be a welcome fresh start for many, some of us will find ourselves struggling to keep up with the pressure to completely change ourselves and our lives ‘for the better’. Although self-improvement can be a great thing to strive for and definitely something we should all try, it can be a slippery slope that can leave you feeling defeated and less confident than before if you’re not gentle with yourself. 

If you want to set goals and strive for excellence that’s amazing, but remember to be kind to yourself at this time of year. With insane workout regimes and quick-paced fad diets surrounding us it can be especially hard not to put yourself down.  If you do want to set some goals, try to use positive language. Trade in the “don’ts” for “dos,  as this will be much better for your headspace and will lead to a better chance of succeeding. 

Trying to stop doing something or push yourself away from something currently in your life is like working against yourself and can often be stressful and fruitless. Instead of pedalling backwards, try moving forward and instead, set goals that focus on beginnings rather than ending. Focus on gaining positive habits and trying new things that will positively affect your life. For example, instead of “stop eating junk food”, try “eat more fruits and vegetables”. Trade “lose fat” for “improve fitness”. “Spend less time online” can turn into “spend more time on creative endeavours” and so on. 

Remember your goals shouldn’t focus on fundamentally changing yourself. You are enough exactly as you are and anything you do or don’t do this year shouldn’t add or subtract to your self-worth. Your achievements should just be a welcome bonus. Most importantly, if your only goal this year is to make it through 2024 that is equally as brave and admirable.

“No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anything but oneself” – Virginia Woolf .

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Words by Sophia Stafford

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